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Day 6: Quick Exercise Challenge

Welcome to Day 6 of the Lose Belly Fat & Computer Butt Challenge. (<– If you’re just joining us, click here to see what this is all about and what it has to do with Internet Marketing. Please join us. It's not too late. We'll be repeating the same exercises starting Monday, so you aren't behind.)

You guys, Scott gave me goosebumps and made me get teary-eyed in this video that he created just for all of us participating in this “Computer Butt” challenge.

Please take a few minutes to watch. If you haven't already noticed, Scott actually wants to make a difference in our lives. He's one of the good guys!

As for next week, I, for one, am THRILLED that we'll be repeating the first week again. Why?

1. I can watch my progress over the entire month as my body gets stronger.

2. I can relax about having to learn new moves and just improve the way I do the ones we've done so far.

If you're not signed up yet, that's GREAT news for you, too.

You can start now and join in on Monday doing the SAME exercises as we are, and join in the challenge without being behind.

We welcome you with open (but sweaty) arms.

Join us by clicking on this graphic:

Let's find 10 minutes every day to get healthier so we can enjoy the LIFESTYLE that we're working towards.

((hugs)) to all.

PS. If you haven’t listened to my interview with Scott Tousignant yet, here it is: Fat Loss Quickie Interview: What is Success and How to Acheive It?

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  • Mark Mason

    I fell off the wagon — need to talk to Scott about the best way to restart. Ugh. 🙁

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      I just sent you some tweets Mark. You haven’t fallen off the wagon Mark… It’s all a part of the journey that we’re on. It happens to the best of us.

      Do not feel guilty about it. Do not beat yourself up. Do not think, “Here I go again sabotaging myself”.

      Just pick right up where you left off and build up the momentum.

      What was the cause of your challenge or obstacle? How can you better prepare for the challenge if you are faced with it again? Did you learn from it?

  • David Frey


    I’ve lost 14 pounds over the last 5 weeks!

    214 -> 200

    Feel great!

    Thanks Scott.


    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Woo hoo David!

      Thanks for checking in here. I know that Maruxa is following the Fat Loss Quickie program, not sure if her hubby has joined her yet.

      If there’s anything that I can do to help your team become ultra productive through home office fitness let me know.

      Thanks for being a great leader and role model.

  • The Mom

    Oh, Scott, your video was so darn sweet! Made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks!

    I can only agree – I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun exercising and laughing and sharing and just plain feeling good and getting to be a little silly. The community that Nicole has here is more fun than I ever anticipated.

    Thanks Nicole and Scott for getting us together, and thanks again to all the great folks who have accepted Nicole’s challenge to get off their computer butts and shake it up! You’ve all made this a great experience for me. 🙂

    Nicole and I biked our computer butts off today – 12 miles! That’s with sore legs, hinders, abs, arms… you name it. The weather was so nice, we couldn’t say no.

    We were both commenting on how we can’t wait for Monday to see how we do with the same first session. It will be really cool if it goes better than the first time around… it’s GOT to go better than the first time around!

    I don’t recall ever looking forward to doing a set of exercises before like I do these daily Quickies. You’re doing something really right here Scott. And, Nicole, I think without the community, I wouldn’t be having so much fun. 😉

    Oh, and, I measured myself today. 🙁 I just had to after Nicole told me she measured herself. I couldn’t wimp out now!

    Anyway, see ya on Monday for another fun session! Thanks all!

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Awesome video, Scott – went over to YouTube so I could FIVE STAR it for super sweetness and the awesomeness that is this group and how you so perfectly addressed that!

    I’m just barely ‘dipping my toes in’ here in this group and I’m pleased as punch! It’s really great to be (somewhat) a part of something like this!!

    I’m gonna do my own thing for a while – Scott’s free vids and/or walking, Sparkpeople – until I get some dough for his group and to buy a ball – and until I can have a headache-free period of time I won’t be doing much exercising at all. But I’m not going to let that bum me out – I’m just going to keep checking in and keep doing all that I can.

    I had a blast walking around as much as I could at the football game on Friday night – I walked that track back and forth, back and forth and went up and down those darn stairs several times! I actually enjoyed myself! Humidity and all!

    And that is ONLY because of this lovely group! Thank you, Scott! And thank you, Nicole!

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