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Weird Niche: Meat Rugs

The Topic for this week's Weird Niche Wednesday is – MEAT RUGS! Yes, floor rugs that look like sandwich meat. How freaking cool is that? (Yes, even for someone who doesn't eat most meats — I think it's pretty cool.)

Here's the Pimento Loaf floor rug, but they also have Summer Sausage and Balogna, too.

Pimento Loaf Rug

Check it out here:

If this website was in English, I just might order a meat rug for my husband's office. He loves… well, food.

The lesson here?

Take two things that people love and combine them to create a brand new niche.

Meat niche + Rug niche = Meat Rug Niche

I love it!

I'll be back with more Weird Niche Wednesday in a week. And, it'll be a good one!


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  • Loretta

    LMAO at this one! This could be the weirdest one you’ve found so far!

    Loretta’s last blog post..See You at NAMS in August!

  • Cassie

    I dunno, I think the fart niche is cooler. But this one pretty much rocks too. I want a roast beef rug. Or maybe a beer sausage rug. A pizza rug would be cool too. I used to date the owner of a local pizzaria. I bet he would want his customers to stand on a pizza rug while ordering pizza.

    Hehe, “meat rug”. That sounds funny too…

    Cassie’s last blog post..Month End Reports to Improve Your Business

  • Danielle

    Okay where on earth did they come up with this one! Not something I would want on my floor. Although people probably wouldn’t realize that it is suppose to be a sausage.

    Danielle’s last blog post..Tell Me Thursday: Birds Nest

  • Rob Sellen

    WTF??? 🙂

    Lol, shame you couldn’t squeeze a “meaty” post out of that. 😀

    I have never seen anything like it Nicole, shows how weird the niches could get.

    What about if you have a dog? 😉


    Rob Sellen

  • Mom

    Okay, Honey, once more you floor me! Where in the world…??? I’m thinking there are so many twists to this “meaty” home decor. I probably need to stop thinking about it now.

    Mom’s last blog post..Back From Vacation… The Connection Has Been Made Once Again

  • Gail J Richardson

    We haven’t meet but I am going to NAMS in August and I want to meet everyone. I hope to learn so much. I will probably worry everyone to death asking questions. I love your site. My puppy would love the meat rugs.I will be watching for more weird niches. I think they’re great.It’s almost like thinking of something no one eles has thought of.If that is possible. Thanks for the info.

  • modern rugs

    Spam Rugs with nice side serving of pickle cushions.

  • Dan R Morris


    If you open that website in Google Chrome, it will translate it for you. (Kinda a nice feature).


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