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Hi again! Happy Tuesday.

If you're on any of my mailing lists, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving away free PLR.

If not, well, now you know. 😉

Several of my friends have been giving away free PLR like crazy this month.  So.. in case you're not on my PLR list, I wanted to mention it over here.

Finance (credit cards, saving money) articles (click here)

Health articles (click here)

Complete Marketing Package about Membership Sites (click here)

Personal Development PLR Package (click here)

A Parent's Guide to Medicine Safety: Answers to Common Questions Parents Have When They're Sick (click here)

Each of these PLR freebies is set up to so that you'll be presented with a special offer on the download page. Take a look at the special offers if you need PLR on those topics. It's a great opportunity to try out these services for cheap, cheap, cheap.

Have a great day.


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Aurelia

    I’m on your PLR List and I have been loving the freebies and the services. Thanks so much!


  • Paul

    I personally am not a great fan of PLR articles.

  • Affiliate Funnel System

    Thanks for the gifts. I love PLR articles and reports, because they save me a lot of time when it comes to writing articles. For me it’s much easier to rewrite articles then to write them from scratch.


  • Andre

    Been enjoying the PLR. They have been some really good quality stuff. Thanks.

  • Eren

    Hi Nicole,
    Thanks so much for these!
    Very cool. Definitely going to put them to use.
    All the best,

  • Kathy

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for the PLR and gifts. My favorite way of using PLR is to take the headline and think about what that means to me. Then I write something and usually end up with an article quite different to the original. I repeat this with the paragraphs in the original and end up with 2-3 different articles that are totally unique.


  • Michelle |

    I can’t say I am the biggest fan of PLR my site is focused on offering 100% unique content – however what I will say is that whenever I have needed a good PLR pack there is only one place I would go and that that is to Nicole’s site – Nicole your articles and reports are very good quality – thanks 🙂

  • Glessie

    Thanks for the PLR articles. Although I do not use most of them what I can honestly say they are very informative. I use the info when time allows me to write articles.

    This is very generous of you Nicole as I know it is a great help to all.


  • Dom

    Thank you so much, Nicole, for such great freebies that you always find!!!!

  • Tom

    Wow! I really like you and your freebies. Thanks a lot for sharing these PLR articles…

    We love you, girl!

  • Carol Ann Quibell

    Thank you so very much for the FREE PLR material. Very much appreciated.

  • Clyde

    You should already know I love your free stuff since I spend money on your paid stuff. I am glad you are putting the free stuff out here but I also hope people are seeing the value and then making purchases.

    I had a bad taste in my mouth about PLR but then I met Jimmy and through him I met you.

    Thanks for being who you are and doing what you are doing,
    Dr. Clyde

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