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Am I the only one turned off by video?

I've got to tell you that lately I've passed on some big purchases because the launch was ALL video.

I'm starting to think that I'm weird, but I just don't have time for a “20 minute – this will change your life” or, heaven forbid, a “90 minute presentation”. All of the videos add up to a whole lotta time with me sitting on my bottom. (Not what I signed up for.) 😉

My husband laughs at me about it. He'll walk by my office and see me scowling and ask “What's up, Nik”?

I look at him and mumble (still scowling) “Another stupid video!” and he laughs. He knows that I have the patience of a gnat.

Here's why I don't get the whole video launch thing…

1. I'm a visual, not auditory learner. Depending on the source you ask, it is said that between 40 and 70% of the population is. So, unless the video actually has something on the screen other than your head, it's not helping me to learn.

2. I'm a *very* quick reader. Videos are ssssssssssssslllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww. I'm trying to figure out a way to watch them at twice speed so that they don't take up so darned much of my time. I don't even care if the presenter sounds like a chipmunk. Just SPEED it up. Anyone have a source?

3. Ebooks can be skimmed. I can look at chapters and figure out what sections are most applicable to me, and pass by the others. With a 90 minute video of your head — obviously it makes it hard to find the sections that I'm interested in, based upon your facial expression.

4. People that are hard of hearing, or deaf, have cash, too.

5. If I have to decide between 90 minutes sitting on my butt in front of this screen or going on a bike ride with my mom — you lose.

6. I, like many entrepreneurs, have learned that multi-tasking, in fact, makes you LOSE IQ points. (I can find the research if you need me to.) So, if I'm to sit and watch the video, it stops all forward progress in my business until it's done. Either that or I can multi-task and lose brain cells. (I can't afford to!) lol.

So, seriously, I'm not trying to be ornery, but I am starting to feel that way. All these awesome product launches and I'm unsubbing one by one because they're solely video. What's up? Have cash, will spend — but I'm not wasting my time watching videos of you talking about how much I need your products.

I'm also interested in how many “successful” internet marketers actually watch these videos? It seems like a colossal waste of time when all you have to do is three things to make money online – 1. list, 2. traffic, 3. offers (as taught by Jimmy D. Brown).

Now, before I get bashed, I do understand marketing with but that's in 5-10 minute snippets and I get that it's popular and can build relationships, warm you to your market, get traffic and presell. But, the 20-90 minute webinars, videos, even teleseminars — I mean, really, when do you actually DO the things that you're taught if you're watching all the prelaunch stuff…. Because unless you're doing, you're not making money.

On that note… I'm off to “do” some more. Would love your comments. I'm honestly wondering if I'm the minority. The video must work as the products are selling out. I just wonder if the people who are buying are actually making money or just off to watch more and buy more?

My 2 cents,

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Gwynne

    If a video is longer than 5 or 10 minutes, I can’t really be bothered to sit still and watch it. I have entirely too much other stuff to do, so if the entirety of a sales pitch is in a video? Then they aren’t getting my sale!

  • Tracy Roberts

    I’m with you on this one.

    I can’t stand videos & personally think that most are much longer than they need to be.

    I’m almost the same with audio and in fact, prefer .pdf or transcriptions better.

    Like you, I can scan and get what I want and go back later if I think I missed anything.

    I know different people learn differently but a product (pre)launch full of video? Not so much for me.

    NB: I might sign up for your freebie if it looks interesting but I haven’t watched your entire video & I’m probably not buying your product.

  • William

    Hey Nichole,
    I am with you 100% on the video’s. I really like audios a whole lot more.
    I can listen while I do other stuff.
    My wife really loves it when I do house work.

    Books and ebooks I whip through them like crazy. I even re-read them.

    Plus I am on dial-up. I guess I don’t need to say anymore on that do I.

    Have a great day.

  • Christina Lemmey

    I agree that headshot videos are awfully boring, especially if they’re too long. I just learned the most effective videos are 30 sec to 3 min long but not too many people follow that thinking.

    If you don’t mind chipmunk voices, Enounce has a plugin that speeds up videos and audios. It’s called My Speed.

  • Angie (Losing It and Loving It)

    I like videos but only if they are short and to the point, no more than 5 min. or I lose concentration. I think all videos need to be transcribed so everyone has the choice to listen or read.

  • Lexi Rodrigo

    I do video marketing myself, but I have to admit that when it comes to videos, I have the attention span of a fly! After a few seconds, I’ll be opening other windows, going through my E-mail, twittering….

    You’re right, videos can be a waste of time because you have no choice but to sit through them. Print, at least, you can skim or speed read. Audio I can listen to while making dinner and my comprehension won’t suffer. Not true for video.

    That said, I make sure my videos are short and to-the-point. Right now I’m making a series of videos that are only 1 minute long each. That’s all the commitment I’m asking from my viewers.

  • Anna Marie


    I agree with you. If the product is a video and they don’t offer the transcripts for the video, I pass. I have walked away from some pretty good programs for that reason.

    I just don’t have the time to watch and rewatch videos even when I can fast-forward them.

    I don’t mind listening while I am working on the house, but again, I don’t want to bother with trying to look for the information later.

    My two cents…if you offer audio’s and/or video’s have them transcribed so you aren’t turning away those of us who prefer to read 🙂

    Anna Marie

  • Jeffery Wood

    I can’t stand them if they’re long either. And please, unless you’re a stand up comedian, there’s no such thing as “this EXCITING video”.

    – Jeffery

  • John

    I love your site, and I agree on the video wasted time. I am new at this and you have been helping me a lot but I want to know how you used WordPress to make your Web so neat.
    John Estes

  • Nicole

    William – I tend to listen to audios while I walk or do housework, too. I spend enough time in my swivel chair, so anything that frees me from it is a friend of mine. Any time you want to mosey over here and clean, I’ll share some of my mp3’s with you. 😉

    Christina – Awesome resource: – thank you!
    I normally try to keep my videos under 5 minutes when I record. If they get too long, I’ll break them into parts – clearly labeled so people can choose which they want to watch.

    Anna Marie – I agree 100%. I recorded a video for a few weeks ago and hired a transcriptionist to put it into text. I slipped a few screenshots in and voila! I can’t imagine being hard of hearing and getting “less” of a course for the same money.

    Jeffery – lol. “this EXCITING video”

    John – I’ve got bunches of WordPress blogs but have never installed one myself. I outsource such things to people who are much much more skilled than I. 😉

  • Cee Tindall

    I feel the same way, videos make me feel trapped. Being a new blogger, interning for Kelly McCausey, I feel pressed for time to learn. If I can speed read or like you said, skim to the part that applies to me, I like it a lot better.
    I’m glad you said something because I thot I was ADD or something.

  • Lyle Kannenberg

    I’m with you on the silly videos. Maybe not to the same extent.. but I have watched a lot of useless videos online.

    Its been a total waste of my time to learn diddly squat from them. Once I sat thru a 2 hour video, listening the whole time on how great the program was. Man was I peeved.

    But on the other hand, I have watched some great videos provided by instantmassivecash. It helped me greatly improve my website traffic.

    For a Year I’ve been trying to develop a good site, with content that readers would keep coming back to.

    About 4 months ago I ran into a promo, hah! I thought. Another upsell, another waste of my time. But it actually turned out for the better.

    I can’t use all the videos that provided me step by step visual tutorials on a variety of subjects, even some I had never heard of.

    Have a look at my blog. Then look at the alexa rating.
    Then look at how it used to look.

    I’m not rich yet. But I plan to be. Getting the viewers has been a lot of hard work. Developing the Blog, finding the resources that work is a major part of what I’ve been doing for a year.

    Videos…. Yah! A lot of them are a waste of precious time. But just think, finding one video, watching the whole thing unfold, pause to make changes that it mentioned, Then continue on. That worked for me.

    Its all about Time. Don’t waste my time, And I will come back for more.

    BTW I don’t put videos on my site. Tried it once. The files are too big. I let the ones that can afford the hosting fees do that. ;P

  • Val

    I’m so happy to hear I’m not alone. I can’t stand video. It annoys me. I don’t have time to watch a video. Video requires me to watch it and do nothing else. I’m a multi-tasker, I know the more I am online the more ADD I’ve gotten and I am NOT ADD. lol

    But I guess it’s the rambling. Maybe it’s the watching what I know I would do? The not getting to the point quickly? Like how I leave a voicemail? I ramble and ramble and then wish I could redo the dang thing. lol

    But I back ya, I really don’t like video!

  • CaraM - TheHouseholdHelper

    I’m with ya on this Nicole!
    I have the attention span of a toddler so video just doesn’t work for me if it’s longer than 5 minutes. As a WAHM, I prefer ebooks or even better, audio I can put on my iPod and listen while I do laundry, dishes, etc.

  • Cassie

    I agree with everything everyone has said so far, but the main reason I don’t watch videos is because I can never hear them with my two kids running around and playing all day. I could watch them after they go to bed, but why should I when I can read a PDF any time of the day? I get really disheartened when I don’t see a text version of a video. I don’t care who’s video it is, I’ll press the back button faster than you can say “videos suck”.

  • Genesis

    I really, really dislike video. Makes me antsy sitting and waiting for the good stuff! Plus, my internet is horrendously slow and I often have to let a video load for an hour or two (for longer ones) or watch in snippets . . . so I just don`t bother.

  • Nicole Dean

    Interesting. I really didn’t expect that so many others felt videos, unless short and concise tutorials, were not worth watching.

    Now this really does make me wonder about the success rate of people who watch launch & promotional videos and those who don’t.

    Since “doing” is the only way to succeed — are those who are sitting and watching 90 minute launch videos finding time to act upon what they’re learning?

    I am just speculating, but am genuinely curious now. What’s the demographic that does watch these types of videos? Are they chronic learners but not doers? Or is it just a different type of learning style?

    Of course there are exceptions. I have learned from free videos but the overall “noise” that is out there — just way too much to even think about unless it’s someone that has truly proven to provide lots of free value in the past.


  • Christie

    I have zero attention span for video unless it is showing me how to do things. And then I want it in a list as a pdf after. I put on a video and in about 2 seconds I have lost interest. I like ebooks because I too read quickly, and I like audio to take with me, play it in the car, doing dishes, whatever. Offering multiple ways to consume info products ensures everyone gets the format they like and more sales for you! 🙂

  • Tishia Lee

    Nope you aren’t weird. For the most part I can’t stand videos but there have been a few that have gotten my interest and kept it for the COUPLE minutes it was. Had it been a 20 minute video or something I would have been outta there. I’ve closed websites before because all there was was a big ole looooong slooooow booooring video. Not my cup of tea. Like you I’m a fast reader and like to skim. And I also can’t stand looking at someone’s head in a video. I’d rather listen to audio even because then I can do other things.

  • Affiliate Funnel System


    I’m with you. It also turns me off looking 20 minutes on someone’s head. And I always turn off the videos on websites.

    The only videos I watch are the how to videos.

    I’m sure all these long videos are also a reason why people fail with their online business. They watch one video after the other and at the end of the day they haven’t done anything for their business and wondering why they aren’t making any money.


  • Phil Eugene

    Hi Nicole

    I thought it was only me lol but generally I pass fast over videos – they are too slow speed and seldom provide information in a way that I like. I know they are the big ticket item and I sell some myself but give me the old written word!

    Fun reading your blog…

    Best Regards

    Phil Eugene

  • Andrea Goodsaid

    Oh my gosh –

    Coming into this a little late – but HAVE to pipe in.

    You are SO not in the minority here – clear enough on that point reading the rest of the comments!

    I’ve been struggling with “do I get on the video band wagon or not?” Yeah I guess in the end I’m gonna do some Youtube marketing … but geez if I can’t sit still for a 5+min video I sure can’t ask anyone else to, right??

    Phew I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted and I get to relax and find a way to use it that works for folks “just like me” – grin.

    Thanks for that!

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