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Can I please brag on my hosting again?

Yesterday, I woke up to find that two of my hosting accounts had been cancelled by paypal during the night. (Don't ask. Grrrr…) I guess paypal is doing some security updates and it's messing with some people's subscriptions. A few of my clients are ripping their hair out (understandably) as they are losing subscribers left and right. (And, yes, I nearly had a panic attack over it. Thank God for wine!)

I digress. Anyway, needless to say, I freaked…. a little. I contacted paypal and then I put in a support ticket to my most favorite-est hosting company in the world explaining the situation. I immediately got a response from the owner, saying

Hello Nicole,Thanks for letting us know.Your account will not be affected. We will wait until the situation is resolved. Bear in mind that we may need to resend a subscription notice to re-enable your payments.”

Have I MENTIONED how much I love their hosting? As someone who has been through the many layers of Dante's hosting hell… it is such a relief to have finally found the hosting company of my dreams.

I hadn't planned to gush, but a few minutes ago, I had another positive encounter with my host. I had moved a website from another host to this same place as part of a JV. We were having troubles logging in to FrontPage. My JV partner contacted them and our issue was resolved in MINUTES. ((sigh of relief))

Business is stressful enough. It sure helps when someone is actually on your side and understands customer support.

That's my gush. If you want to find out who I recommend for Web Hosting, you can read more about that AND my previous hosting hell experiences here

Affordable Hosting

Have a great day!

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