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Happy Monday, everyone!
I hope you had a great Easter weekend! My favorite part was seeing my 3 year old find the half-eaten carrots that the Easter Bunny left behind. 🙂

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Question #1 – How to get Customer Loyalty?
Question: I started my food business in September of last year. What has been hard for me is that everyone loves the products, BUT I just need to get them in the mood to buy regularly. I mailed out flyers and have sent e-mails but I did not get a huge response. I want to advertise and keep in touch with my clients but I do not want to be spending all my money on that with little to no return. I have some clients that use the products everyday and have made it part of their grocery lists, and some that only use them on special occasions. I need to get more of the first clients….
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Question #2 – How can I save time and make more money with my email efforts? How do I organize my team training materials? And, what IS an auto responder?
Question: How can I organize my training and emails to my team and customers? I'm spending too much time emailing and am not getting the results I need. Plus, I can't keep up with who's gotten what information. HELP!
Response from Nicole … You may not know it, but you can get automated follow up AND a mailing list combined in an Auto-Responder. I can't believe how easy it is to set up training courses for my teams with this program. Just add a bunch of emails starting with your “Welcome to (comany's name)” and tell the program how often to send the series of messages. Then, when you get a new recruit or customer, enter their information into the autoresponder and your recruit will receive the first message and automatically get the entire series in order without your having to do anything! And, a good auto-responder will check the messages to see if they'll be blocked by spam filters. Plus, it will allow you to send mass newsletters to your customer lists. No more juggling email lists. Never be accused of S P A M. I'll be moving this newsletter list over to auto-responder since it's made everything else in my life so much easier. I already have 5 mailing lists set up in my one autoresponder account and intend to move much more over there. You'll see what I have in store… 😉

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F r e e Advertising Tips from WAHMs
From Suzanne Burgess, Owner/Webmaster,
I started a business card exchange with some people I have met. We are sending each other business cards to enclose in our packages.That way when our customers receive their goodies they are also getting business cards from other work at home Moms and hopefully driving business to them.

From Donna K. Brown, :
I am a Christian, homeschooling mom. We check out numerous books at the library. While my children are reading the books they use my business cards as a book mark. When we return the books to the library we leave my business cards in the library books.
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