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Press Releases, Choosing a Business & Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday, everyone! Yesterday we took the puppy to the park on the Bayou and had a picnic lunch. Sitting in the grass, watching the kids run around was all I needed to lift my spirits. It reminded me how important it is for Sunday to be Family Day. It's those little things you look forward to every week, or every year that become the cherished traditions in our families. Cheers to Family! 🙂

Ready to learn and take a step closer to have a very successful year in Business and at Home? Here's what we're covering today…

  • Question 1: What are my options to become a WAHM?
  • Free Motivational CD – Is your Greatness Being Held Hostage?
  • Questions 2: What is a press release?
  • Spring Cleaning!
  • Preschool Fun: Bugs, Dinosaurs and Earth Day

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Nicole Dean, owner

Question #1 – What type of business will work best for me?
Kelly McCausey and I discuss the options available for Moms and the pros and cons of each. If you know any Moms who would love to be work from home, have them listen to our discussion on

Free CD
I requested this Free CDand it helped me rethink my daily strategies and long terms goals and how I want to achieve them. Will you spend 2005 THINKING about achieving your goals or will you actually take the steps to Achieve them?
Stop Holding Your Greatness Hostage. Discover the Secrets To Unleashing Your Greatness And Becoming Financially Free This Year! click here

Question #2 – Press Release 101
Question: Here is where my ignorance for marketing will show. Once I have a press release written, where do I send it etc to get coverage? Patti

Hi Patti. I've got you covered.
Press Releases – Why pay for an ad in the newspaper when you can have an entire article promoting your website?
65 Reasons to Send Out a Press Release
How To Write a Press Release That Editors Will Publish
Press Release Tutorial – I recommend this free press release tutorial.

The Online Mentoring at MomsMasterminds offers an entire Press Release Course for free, included with the membership. 😉

And to answer your question, one of the places to send your press release would be And, I also recommend sending a customized version to your local press. For instance, when I won the WAHM Talk Radio MVP award, Kelly McCausey sent out a major press release through PRWeb. In addition, I sent a different version of the sampe press release to my hometown newspaper, incorporating some information about the year I graduated from the Local High School and information about my parents. (Because it's a Small town newspaper, I knew that would be of interest to many residents.) I also sent a third version to my local newspapers in the town I live in now, that said “Local Resident Awarded Work at Home Mom Award”. I did get interview requests from both of the personalized versions, so I feel they were worth it, even though they took a bit more time. 😉

It's Spring Cleaning Time!
Cheryl's Miller, our organizational expert, asks us “How Much Stuff is Enough?”

Brand new April Crafts & Activities for Kids
Dinosaur Activities for Kids

Insects and Bug Activities for Kids

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Have a great week everyone!


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