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Weird Niche: Farting Dogs

I don't know if it was Father's Day that made me think of this, or just missing my two puppies while I'm on vacation. However, the topic this week is “flatus” (the technical terms for gas).

This entrepreneur started with an idea. A dog with a great deal of flatulence.

And, the book Walter the Farting Dog was written.
(click on any image below to view more details about that book at Amazon)

Then, the sequel…

Now, similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul (but with more talk about flatulence), you can get all kinds of variations of this book.

Walter Files a Malpractice Suit after some Quack Tries to Make Him Stop Farting…

Walter Goes on a Cruise after Dealing with Above Doctor and Discovers Margaritas.

After the Cruise, Walter Needs a Vacation and Heads to the Beach

Walter Learns a Bit about Business and How NOT to Treat your Customers

And, you can even get Walter the Farting Dog in various languages!



The lesson here?

Lesson One. Animals with gas problems are hilarious!
Lesson Two. Everybody Toots.
Lesson Three. A bit of creativity, plus using real-life inspiration can turn into a very profitable formula for making money.
Lesson Four. When something works, run with it and branch off and expand!

A quick side note about choosing a niche.

When choosing a niche, consider the holidays. When your aunt asks your mom “What does your son do for a living these days?” — you may not want her to have to respond “Oh he runs sites selling dog fart stuff.”

Nicole (who has two puppies of her own)

PS. In your comments, be sure to include the names of your flatulent pets! (Or husbands….)

PS, again. I'm on vacation at a beach house with no internet access, so I won't be able to respond for a few days. Please don't think I'm being rude. 🙂


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Mary

    ROFL Nicole this is great. I have a 16 month old labrador retriever, Charlie. He doesn’t seem to have too much of a flatulence problem yet, unless he gets into the kitty chow or my husband feeds him raw broccolli while cooking. But I had a Dalmation/Beagle mix, Jubilee, for 14 years that had the worst flatulence problem, that just got worse as she aged, to the point she would pass gas going up the stairs. Heaven help you if you were behind her at the time. 🙂

    We lost her a year and a half ago, but this post brought back a floodgate of memories of her both happy and sad.

    Hope you’re enjoying your vacation.

    Mary’s last blog post..4 Mistakes Common for New Affiliate Marketers

  • Loretta

    ROFLMAO! My kids would love these books. I’ve got 4 boys so of course fart jokes are a daily occurence! (and our little rat terrier Penny can clear a room with her tiny little farts!) :-p

    Enjoy your vacation!

    Loretta’s last blog post..Finding My Marketing Focus … Again

  • Loretta

    OMG! LOL I had to go to Amazon and check out the book, and there’s stuffed dog toys to accompany the books …. too cute!

    Loretta’s last blog post..Finding My Marketing Focus … Again

  • Cara Mirabella

    I’m cracking up! Little Dude got the book and the farting stuffed Walter for Hubby for father’s day.
    My basset Mabel has an issue with farting – but Little Dude thinks it’s hysterical! My other puppy Molly is just too prissy and girlie to do THAT. LOL – great post Nicole!

    Cara Mirabella’s last blog post..Thrifty Thursday

  • Cassie

    I’ll have to get this for my daughter. We are a very flatulent family. She keeps farting on me and my boyfriend and we try to explain to her that it isn’t nice. One day when she refused to listen for the fartieth time, I farted on her leg. She cried like a baby for 10 minutes. Good times.

    Cassie’s last blog post..More ideas for creating short reports

  • Angela Wills

    LOL! Where in the world do you find this stuff Nicole? I’m loving this series and this is my favorite yet. My son would love these books – what boy doesn’t think farting is funny.

    Angela Wills’s last blog post..Is This The Business You Imagined?

  • Cassie

    Haha, thanks 🙂

    I can never resist a farty post!

    Cassie’s last blog post..Social Media Checklist

  • Nicole

    Did you like how I scheduled THAT one to post when I was on vacation? And, poor Ronnie had to has his interview followed by dog fart humor. 😉 Thanks all for commenting on the Weird Niche Wednesday posts. You made my day.

    And Cassie – You SLAY me! lmao! Come by and comment any time. Love your sense of humor.

  • Bob Ress

    LATIN!? Those Gregorian monks must be a livelier bunch than I thought!
    .-= Bob Ress´s last blog ..Easy, Low Cost Things You Can Do For Your Small Business Online =-.

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