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Online Success Cast #9: Ronnie Nijmeh

onlinesuccesscast-smYou are so in for a treat!  Today I'm joined by one of the sweetest people on earth, and a heck of a smart businessman to boot.

I've known Ronnie Nijmeh for less than a year, but we totally hit it off. Actually we have a joint venture or two in the works, so that's got to tell you how much of an impression he's made upon me in a short time.

Ronnie really knows how to build people up and make them want to do business with you. I mean, he really gets how to create win-win scenarios. I know that I have a heck of a time saying “no” to him.

Here's more about Ronnie:

Ronnie Nijmeh, Healthy Living Expert, Business Coach, and Founder.

Here he describes himself in his own words:

I’m a stress management coach and trainer. I’ve written four books on stress management and healthy living including one I co-authored with experts Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Marcus Laux, & Dr. Susan Lark.

I’ve conducted training seminars and workshops for distinguished organizations like the University of Toronto, National Society of Leadership & Success,, and the City of Toronto

The audio recording of our interview is at the end of this blog post. Just look for the “play” button and listen. It’s free!

Enjoy these Two Free Gifts from Ronnie

  • Free Report: 101 Ways to Use PLR.- Grab this guide and you will certainly find ways to use the PLR that you purchase.

Paid “Must Have” Tools Recommended by Ronnie:

Free “Must Have” Tools Recommended by Ronnie:

“Must Have” Tools Mentioned for the MAC Only:

  • Apple iWork– MAC only for creating presentations
  • Automator for the MAC

Ronnie's Mentors

  • Alice Seba
  • Perry Marshall
  • Alex Mandossian
  • Me! (Yay, me!) <– 😉

Takeaway Points

  • Ronnie Rocks!
  • Failure is dished out to everyone, but it doesn't mean that you can quit.

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  • Diana Frame

    Nicole & Ronnie,

    Absolutely awesome information! Aside from the great tips on useful tools this was one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve ever heard.

    You’ve made me realize two very important things:
    1. Yes I Can Do This!
    2. I’ve got to stop trying to exist in a vacuum!

    I have struggled trying to build my business but you two have given me a renewed faith in my abilities to succeed.

    Thanks you so much!


    Diana Frame’s last blog post..Become An Affiliate — Big Budgets Not Needed!

  • Boris

    thanks for the Get Drop Box my laptop has gotten to point where my entire harddrive was filled with stuff that I could use maybe in the future which is why I have never deleted. So I was considering getting an external drive now thanks to you Ronnie am downloading get drop box.

    My question How can you develop a USP when in today’s market place there are thousands of marketers launching one product after another how would you starting from scratch with 100 dollars to your name be able to compete right from the get go ?

  • marietta davis

    Loved the software tips and will check those out. I also liked the point about not being reliant on google. A friend of mine actually decided to be number 1 in Yahoo instead, where there is a heck of a lot less competition, and he made stacks of money that way!


  • Cara Mirabella

    Awesome episode! It was refreshing to listen to a male perspective that wasn’t intimidating.

    Cara Mirabella’s last blog post..HELP – I’m Trapped Inside With A Toddler

  • Melissa Gordon

    Nicole & Ronnie,

    Wonderful interview! I’ve listened to it twice! You have a great rapport and were a joy to listen to.

    There was a ton of great info on getting started and succeeding online, but ironically, what I found most helpful was Ronnie’s stories of his not-so-successful moments.

    As a new coach trying to build my online business, I look to Ronnie for inspiration and a model of success as I struggle with establishing myself. So I was relieved to hear that “Failure is dished out to everyone.” You just need to keep plugging away at it and success will come, too.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ann Martinez

    Awesome information on the call with Ronnie. I love your enthusiasm. Ronnie gave some great tips and tools to use in my business. Nice to hear how successful people are making a go of it on the net.
    It’s important to continue to get reinforcement and advice from others in this business to keep us going. We can’t do this all alone.
    Many thanks for the call.

    Ann Martinez’s last blog post..Celebrate Growing Older-Life Lessons

  • Angie (Losing It and Loving It)

    Fun interview! You two rocked the house. I love all the positive talk and it’s great timing to ‘meet’ Ronnie because my blog post for today was about having a positive attitude and Ronnie’s personal development freebies will fit nicely into some stuff I’m working on. Thank you!

    Great tips especially the TV. I have found I am getting more done now that all my favorite shows are off for the summer LOL

    Doing the uncomfortable is something I really need to work on.

    Thanks for a great success cast.

    Angie (Losing It and Loving It)’s last blog post..Do you have a positive attitude?

  • Nicole

    And the winners are….

    Random winner: Ann Martinez (#6) – thanks to

    Ronnie will be in touch with you soon about how to claim your membership to

    For best comment: Angie (#7)

    Ang, we love how you listened to the whole interview and really shared your own views on the topic.

    Choose any report from — just Tweet @NicoleDean with your choice and I’ll DM the link to you.

  • Ronnie Nijmeh

    Thanks to everyone for their comments, observations, and feedback. It was a blast to join Nicole on the call and I’m happy that it was valuable!

    Thanks Nicole for having me on! 🙂
    .-= Ronnie Nijmeh´s last blog ..I Revealed My Biz Building Secrets… =-.

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