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Keep It Simple: Three Simple Things that Can Grow your Business

Hey Awesome.

My good friend, Kelly McCausey, is running a very cool program over the summer, in which you are encourage and guided to Keep It Simple and create three simple reports. One to use as a free giveaway to grow your list, one to sell, and one to put on Kindle.

I did a quick walk-through video for you of the program so you can check it out and see if it's something you want to achieve over the summer.

If this is a definite YES for you, jump in here:
Yes, I want it, Nik!

If you're still not sure, let me ask you these questions…

1. When is the right time to start building your list? (Now.)

2. Why over-complicate things? (This is simple and it works.)

3. Do you have something for your people to buy from you? (If so, awesome but adding more is always good. If not, then when?)

Now is the time. This is the place. You get to keep the recordings, so even if you can't make it on the forum very often, you're still in.

Here's the link again:  Click here to Check it Out

I hope this has been helpful in helping you decide if it's right for you.



I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Avery

    This is a great overview of Kelly’s course, Nicole. I’m already signed up and eagerly waiting for that first day. 🙂

  • Ken

    As Woody Allen says: 90% of success is showing up. Follow a simple three step, starting today, and you’ll do alright. Thanks for the good advice Nicole

  • Leah | Bridal Shows NJ

    It seems every time it try to focus on keeping my business load simple, it doesn’t take long before I am back to my old habits of over thinking the processes.

    It is just so frustrating. I bookmarked the video and hopefully I can watch it over and over and it can bring me better inspiration and help me simplify things!

  • Tom

    Hi Nicole, nice video and a very helpful course. I am most interested in the kindle publishing part of the course, and how it all ties up on how to make money.

    I have just watched the video, but the course looks really interesting. I am considering joining. Thanks for the information.

  • Gregory

    Thank you for the great video…will certainly rewatch this again and again in the future!

  • Obodo Charles

    I just watched the video and I think its an awesome package, but it seems am a bit late or can I still join the program?

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