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Online Success Cast #42: Natalie Marie Collins

onlinesuccesscast-smWelcome to another episode of the Online Business Success Cast.

This week, I have Natalie Collins, with me.

The audio recording of our interview is in this blog post. Just look for the “play” button and listen. It’s free! Also, be sure to check out all of the resources listed below.

If you’re not familiar with Natalie yet, learn more here:

300x334xabout-natalie-marie-collins-frame300x300.png.pagespeed.ic.srNpi3Iqv3Natalie Marie Collins is a fun creative who after being in the corporate world for 13 years figured out she could make a living by taking her office skills home and started working as an Online Business (Virtual) Assistant, learned the ropes of how to create membership areas, branding, marketing, digital products, sales funnels and so much more.

She then took her vast knowledge of the online business world, formulated a plan, built a biz tree and started coaching others on how to craft and grow their own successful business. One branch at a time.

After her clients get the clarity they need to in their business, she helps them get it done and build their online businesses through her team of Online Business Managers and Assistants.

Step 1: Check out all the Great Stuff Mentioned during this Show:

All links will open in a new window and not interfere while you're listening to the audio.

Tools Natalie mentioned during this call:

  • Zaxaa – Natalie uses this shopping cart.
  • Asana – I also just switched over to this from Basecamp.
  • FreshBooks – to track hours for clients.
  • Paypal – to get money.
  • Wappwolf – THIS IS SO COOL! Automates tasks.
  • Adobe Tools – To get access to Adobe Suite on a monthly basis.
  • Dropbox – BOO YAH! I love this one, too.
  • WordSwag App – To make quote images from your phone.
  • Stay Focused Chrome Extension – To help you stay off Facebook while working.

Natalie's tipping point in her business was attending Live Events. Here are some that we recommend:

She also mentioned our Beach House:

Step 2: Listen to the Interview.

Be sure to listen to the entire interview.


Step 3: Get More from Natalie

Head over here to check out…

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Thanks again for being part of my business and my day. I'm looking forward to hearing what you learned and will apply from this interview.

Nicole Dean


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  • John

    Great content here, thanks for sharing! I’m a big proponent of using tools to leverage time, particularly on social media. Are you using any social tools to find customers, join topically relevant conversations and grow your business?

  • Collette Schultz

    Awesome sense of humor ladies. I just went to check out the agency you’re creating. Very cool concept.

    I will keep it on my list of resources for my site for contractors and subcontractors.

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