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Do you Have this Dream?

One of the most life changing things that I've done in my business was to write a book.

If you haven't seen my yet, here it is:  Expert Briefs Blogging for Profit

AND – the second most life changing thing I've done in my business was to make it a best-seller on Amazon.

Sidenote: If you're still trying to write your life story, make sure you check out this blog post I wrote this month: How to Write Your Life Story (and Profit from Writing Other People's Too!)

ok. Back to my point.

What's the point of writing a book if no one knows it exists?

That's right. The next step is to make it a best-seller – OR at least make people aware of it so they buy the darned thing.

Whether you're writing your book to share a message, for profit, or to drive business your way, it helps if people actually read it, right? 😉


You've got to be marketing it, including some but not all of the following…

  • Blogging about your book
  • Setting up a Facebook Page
  • Possibly setting up an active Facebook group
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Getting on Podcasts
  • Doing interviews
  • Google Hangouts
  • Press Releases
  • YouTube
  • Book trailers
  • and so much more

That's what our latest customizable training at is about. How to Become an Amazon Best-Seller This Year.

Check it out here-> “How to Become a Best-Seller on Amazon”

Not only do you get the reports and templates for your own use CHEAP, but they also come with special rights, if you choose to use them in those ways. You get .doc versions of each item, the 2 reports, the worksheets, the calendar, and the resources list – plus you get PowerPoint slides of the two reports, too. (Basically it's PLR, but we call it “Customized Content and Templates” over there for that market.)

This means that you can help OTHER people accomplish their life-long dream, after you accomplish yours. 😉

Here's a quick video that my good friend, and business partner at recorded showing you what's in the actual packages along with some tips for how to use it:

Want more details?

Check it out here-> “How to Become a Best-Seller on Amazon”

I appreciate you so very much. Have a wonderful weekend!

Warmly and with Big Hugs.
Nicole Dean

PS. If you want some more ideas for HOW to use the training (after you've read it yourself of course) – check out this blog post: Coaching Training & Templates that you can Customize

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