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Ladies: Want to Mastermind at the Beach?

Nik (left) & Kelly (right)

I was in Orlando with my good friend, Kelly McCausey at a crazy event a few weeks ago. We were roomies and all weekend long, she kept saying she wanted to do a private and exclusive event and with me.

I kept pondering what would make it special and putting off a decision- much to Kelly's frustration. 😉

You see, Kelly is VERY laser focused when she has her mind set on something. This is a big part of the reason she's such a good coach.

Seriously, the last thing before bed and first words out of her mouth in the morning were “So what are we going to do?” lol.

I adore her and we're really good for each other as she challenges me (and I her) regularly.

I think that it was the last night of the event when I finally said “I KNOW WHAT WOULD BE SPECIAL!” And, we decided to do a ladies only weekend retreat at the beach near my house.

The reasons we are having it here:

  1. I know this area very well, having lived here for 10 years.
  2. My husband, my mom, and my personal assistant are nearby to run errands for me if necessary – from grabbing anything I missed (or that guests need) from the store, to taking guests to and from the airport.
  3. We have Stand up Paddleboards and bikes at home – for added fun.
  4. Pensacola Beach is NOT a big party beach. It's family friendly, small(ish) and beautiful.

Kelly and I looked online and found a GORGEOUS 9 bedroom 6.5 bath house with pool and wifi. So, we decided to jump on it.

If you want the whole story take a peek at this hangout that Kelly and I did last week:

Here are some more details:


An all female business mastermind and retreat! We'll cook together, pamper and play together, plot and plan together… we'll all leave the house equipped for greater things!

Food will be healthy healthy healthy so your body and mind will be energized.


We have a booked a fantastic house right on beautiful Pensacola Beach with individual beds for 15 women. This is the perfect size group for a powerful mastermind – large enough to be truly stimulating but intimate enough that everyone gets time and attention.


Female entrepreneurs craving extra support to breakthrough to the next level in business. Bloggers, Coaches, Authors, Information & Affiliate Marketers – if you use the internet to reach your market, you'll love this event!


  1. Your room in the beautiful home on the beach for all nights
  2. Healthy food all weekend
  3. Drinks of choice (coffee in the morning through a cocktail or two… or three at night)
  4. Coaching and all business activities all weekend
  5. Entertainment

PLUS all Guests Also Get these Bonuses:

  • Self Study Learning $497 Bonus! Every attendee will receive Kelly’s 2013 Silver Key with access to nearly $1000 in self study and group coaching resources.
  • A $297.00 Video Bonus! Every attendee has the opportunity to shoot a 60 Second Promotional Video, Professionally Designed by Angel Sheer!
  • Special $247.00 Bonus! Every attendee will receive a Complimentary Ticket to Kelly’s Exposure & Profit Event (May 17-18) in Toronto, Canada.
  • Another Event $297.00 Bonus! Every attendee will receive a Complimentary Ticket to Betsy’s Passion to Prosperity Live Event  in Montgomery, AL
  • More coming soon…

Here's where you can find more info:

And, here's where to register -> Join Us!

If you  have any questions, you can contact Kelly to see if this is a good fit for you or not.  We also have a Facebook Event where you can ask questions, too.

So that's been my latest adventure.

What about you?

  • Got any big crazy plans like this? 🙂
  • Are you surrounded by friends who challenge you in good ways?

Let's talk.

Nicole Dean


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