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10 Ways to Quick Profit (within a Week)

Hi guys!10waysquickprofitonline

I've been bragging up my new friend, Dennis Becker a lot the last few weeks. (Because he's smart, kind, funny, and a good person.)

Well, he has a new product about how to profit online within a week (<-click to check it out) and it's really step-by-step (and cheap this week, too).

Since that's a question that I get asked about (a LOT) – “How do I Make Money Fast?” I asked him if I could take an excerpt from the report to share the methods with you. Being the sweetheart that he is, he agreed. 🙂

10 Ways to Quick Profit (within 7 days)

An Excerpt from Week One Profits

by Dennis Becker

bf346dd901860ac1d18877.L._V143203699_SX200_1. Service-based quick cash… with a twist

You might already be aware that providing services is one of the best ways to earn cash quickly.

You will generally be paid either upfront or with a deposit. You can provide writing services, graphics services, virtual assistant services, and so on. This can be a daunting prospect, but I’m going to cover ways to all but guarantee you get high paying clients…fast.

Now really, think of it this way. If you have a regular job, you’re doing this already. Your employer hired you to do a service for the company, and you’re doing that. Some jobs can be translated easily to online services, some can’t, but still, if you think of services that way, I think you’ll be more comfortable.

Note from Nik: I started off by offering services while I was learning and while my business was not making very much money yet.

I did some ghostwriting for clients, and then I became an Affiliate Manager. The four years that I was an Affiliate Manager, my main goal was (in addition to earning money) to learn on the job. It definitely paid off.

You can always take on temporary clients to earn money when in a pinch. That way you're not locked in forever with them. Dennis shows a step-by-step way to get started in his book, if you need help with this.

Don't think you have skills? I beg to differ. Can you do any of these things?

  • Customer support
  • Kindle formatting
  • Writing
  • Updating WordPress
  • Deleting spam comments and other admin type tasks
  • Editing audios or videos
  • Creating pinnable quote graphics
  • Maintaining social media pages

They are all marketable skills.

2. Selling fresh sites on the spot

Years ago, site flipping was one of the hottest topics in Internet marketing. It was very easy to throw a site together and sell it for quick cash.

But then it got harder to sell fresh sites, which is a problem since you’re short on time. I’m going to cover a method that will have you earning a decent paycheck with fresh sites, within the week. Hint– it’s all about the research.

3. Affiliate marketing with instant commission products

Affiliate marketing is one of those things people want to do because of the promises of hands-off riches. You certainly can earn a great, passive income as an affiliate marketer. The trouble is that so many affiliate networks take forever and a lifetime to pay out your commissions.

You’re in luck, though, because I’m going to detail a quick cash strategy that uses instant commission products. All you need is a PayPal account and the right strategy.

Note from Nik: That's an interesting thing that I talk about a lot with my clients regarding cash flow. If you need money in the bank THIS WEEK and not next month, then you have to promote different types of products.

One of those types is the instant commission kind.  (Obviously, as with all affiliate marketing, you should only promote products that you're willing to put your reputation behind, but you already know that.) Where can you find these? One place is

4. The ‘free’ way to profit

People love getting free stuff. You might be surprised to see a method about freebies in this guide, but I think you’re going to be pretty excited about this one. It makes use of a psychological phenomenon you can cash in on, very quickly. You’ll feel good, you’ll make people happy, and you’ll make money doing it.

Note from Nik: If you're on my lists, you know that I love giving away free stuff.

If you want to learn how to earn money giving away free stuff, make sure you're signed up for my affiliate programs. I have lots of opportunities for that. The best way is by grabbing the free report at Once you log into your account,  click on “Advertise this site to make money” and you'll find your aff links to several free items that you can promote.

5. Offline quick cash

Offline marketing has become a legend in Internet marketing. It wasn’t that long ago that you couldn’t open your email inbox without seeing a message telling you that the best way to make money online is to market to offline businesses. It’s absolutely true.

As a former offline business owner, I can tell you without a doubt that there are ways you can make money this week when you cater to offline businesses…this is even faster and more profitable than online methods, in some cases. You’re basically going to give them an offer they can’t refuse. They’d actually be crazy to refuse because of what you’re going to do for them.

Note from Nik: It's true. I help a few offline businesses on the side. You don't have to know much in order to make a HUGE difference in their bottom line. You just need to know more than they do – which, oftentimes, isn't hard to do. Save your favorite restaurant from going out of business AND make money at the same time. 😉

Remember, you get step by step info for each of these methods at: Week One Profits

6. Site building quick cash

If there’s one thing Internet marketers love, it’s niche sites. They’ve always loved to have a slew of niche sites working day and night for them. But very few people actually like to build and maintain them. I’m going to show you how to get clients to pay you a nice sum to build niche sites for them– you’re going to frame your offer in a way that makes it a no-brainer for your buyer.

7. Leveraging marketers– “You scratch my back…”

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in Internet marketing, there are always people who have more money, a bigger list of email subscribers, and a better marketing strategy. But, you can’t let that stop you. I’m going to cover a method that will show you how to contact marketers and make them a great offer so you can leverage their list and other assets for yourself. This is one of the fastest ways to boost your authority so you can continue to make great money over the long run.

8. Cashing in on hot topics

Internet marketers are a bit like addicts. They crave the chance to have more. They want more money-making methods. They want a better way to do things. They want to earn money in a hands-off way.

You’re going to use some simple research techniques to get to the heart of the hottest topics (the hottest needs) Internet marketers have right now. You’re going to market something very specific, based on up-to-the minute info. It’s going to help you earn cash quickly because you’ll be stepping out in front of a passionate, desperate audience.

9. Product Bundle Partnerships

Sometimes, you’ve got to get creative and see where you can fill a need. You’ll always be able to make more money if you are able to help other people make more money– especially when they can earn the money without lifting a finger.

Have you ever noticed that people make money with special offer products, but then never promote them again? You’re going to fix that problem for these marketers, help them earn more money, and pocket some nice cash for yourself.

10. A perfect exchange

You’ve no doubt noticed that most of these strategies are based on the idea that you can earn money by helping others solve a problem. That’s what makes Internet marketing go around. With this final strategy, you’re going to make a perfect exchange no marketer will be able to turn down. It’s a joint venture concept, with a major twist.

If I had to guess, I’d say there is a method calling out to you right now. I urge you to think about a few you can see yourself following through with. Read the methods in full before you make your final decision. Remember– this is going to be your sole focus in Internet marketing this week. You’re going to prove to yourself that you can and will make money fast, whenever you choose to.

I think by now you’ve realized what a phenomenal deal you’ve gotten with this book. You’re essentially getting 10 ebooks in one. Each with a proven, actionable quick money method you can use to profit with over and over again.

Remember– don’t overwhelm yourself with a bunch of information right now. Choose a method and stick with it. Only read the in-depth information on the model you’re going to tackle this week.

Well there you have it.

10 Ways to Make Money in the next week. If you want the step-by-step Day 1 through Day 7 methods for each business idea, be sure to grab Week One Profits.

Most of the book is written assuming that you do NOT have a big list or network of JV partners yet, so it's doable for just about anyone.

How about you?

What are your favorite ways to make money when you need it fast?

I'd love to hear your thoughts…


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Mark C.

    One way we’ve made quick money with an existing business where you have an existing local customer base is to offer custom photo greeting cards for events such as high school senior invitations, kids birthday parties, Christmas or holiday cards, or anything where people need to snail mail a “card” to their friends or family. The process is to either buy or design your own greeting card templates for use with photo editing software such as PhotoShop sized to a 4×6 photo. Insert the person’s photo into the template. Then print the quantity of photos ordered by your customer at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc. Easily done online. Then just go pick up the photos – usually within an hour or two, deliver to the customer, and collect the money. We usually sell them for a buck or buck twenty five each but the our cost is usually a dime or fifteen cents each. You do the math. We (wife and I) have made $2,000 in a week for Christmas cards alone. It’s a bit seasonal, but if you let folks know you do it, they’ll come find you! Offer envelopes for an extra dime a piece and pick them up from an online envelope seller to have in stock for when the orders come in. Sometimes we’ve even had customers supply us with their address list in Excel and print the addresses on the envelopes using an inkjet or laser printer using mail merge with Word (you have to know how to do this ahead of time obviously.) If you get known as the local photo greeting card guru, you can really make nice supplemental income from it.

    • Dave

      Excellent info! Thanks Mark!

      • Mark C.

        We are seriously thinking about creating a mini-course complete with photo card templates we’ve already designed and selling it as a supplemental income method targeting stay at home moms, photographers, and others.

        Any thoughts on if that would be something people would want to buy?

  • Dave

    Hi Nicole, that link seems to be broken.. fyi


  • Lisa Ballinger

    Excellent Article. I think I had been aware of some of these ideas to a degree but it seems to be about doing them effectively rather than just trying them out for awhile.

  • Michelle

    Building a niche site is definitely a smart idea to earn some income online. Thank you for sharing the link and the “free” stuff, Nicole.

    MACs Women’s Group

  • Rene

    Nice info Nicole and Dennis, some great ideas to get fast incomes. Also good idea from Mark´s comment.

    Thank you folks!

  • Tony

    Hi Nicole,

    Enjoy your post, I feel that it takes a little of patience and planning in choosing the right niche. Also learning from other marketers from their past mistakes. I myself is still trying to build up my site and develop my products but in time and know what would work.

    So Nicole thanks again for this great post.

    Until next time.


  • Tony Khuon | Agile Lifestyle

    Love the first piece of advice. Selling a service is the best way for a new entrepreneur to get started and get comfortable with operating a side business. Some people get so good at it that they never need to start a product business!

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