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FAQ: Free Blog Installations

Good morning all! It's a great day to make money online. (Every day is.)

Before I post the question that I received I wanted to let you know that I have not given up on my podcast. I've been recording like crazy. (Keep sending me your wish list for whose brains you'd like me to pick.) I'm just moving the podcast over here from since it's appealing to a much larger audience than I'd originally thought. So, hang in there just a bit longer and I promise I'll knock your socks off.

ok. For today, I received this question in my inbox in reference to the free Word Press Blog installations at, especially the ones that are preloaded with starter content.

Just a few questions.

I can see how the IM Reviews blog can make you money, by reviewing
affiliate products.
Tell me how can I make money from the PLR Profits blog, is it just
reviewing PLR sites?
Can I add a membership plug in into the blogs for free or paid
membership for guests?

Here's my reply…

The great thing about the free blog installation, especially the fully loaded ones, is that they will become 100% yours from the start. You CAN do anything you'd like with them, as long as you're following the rules of the hosting company (which are the same rules you'll find at any hosting company – nothing illegal, immoral or downright yucky is allowed).

Yes, you can install any plugin that you'd like. Yes, you can add, edit, or delete any of the content you'd wish. Yes, you can sell the site if you'd like to build it up and flip it. It will be 100% yours.

As for the question about the two types of blogs currently available. First of all there are now three, even though the site isn't reflecting that yet. And, just because you choose one of these doesn't mean that you have to stick with that type of site. For instance…

Internet Marketing Reviews:  Choose this installation, but just have reviews be ONE part of your site. You don't need to build your entire site around the reviews portion of the blog.

PLR Profits: You can earn money by teaching people about PLR, by selling PLR on the site, by reviewing PLR products and services, by offering services of rewriting PLR – or you can just slip the PLR section into ONE part of your blog and use it to build an entire Internet marketing blog with that as one category.

IMA Blog: The “Internet Marketing Adviser” blog is ready, but I don't think it's on the site yet. (You can still order it if you wish.) This blog contains top quality starter posts that I had my copywriter put together about various parts of Internet Marketing. (She is trained in Frank Kern's Mass Control copywriting, so that's the style of the posts.)

Profit from these blogs just as you would any others. (You'll receive a .pdf file when you purchase that explains several ways to monetize your blog.)

– Sell your Services as a Ghostwriter, Consultant, Coach, Techie, etc.

– Sell Infoproducts of your own.

– Promote Affiliate Products.

– Sell Advertising.

– Build an ezine or newsletter list.

– Turn the blog into a paid membership site.

etc. etc. etc.

As always, you are only limited by whether or not you'll take action. So, if you want a free Blog installation <–click here and grab it now.

I hope that helps explain better. Please post in the comments if you have additional questions.


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