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Who Says Banners Don’t Work Anymore?

One of the easiest ways to show your affiliates the love is to make affiliate tools for them.

But, many of my friends don't bother to create graphics because they “Don't work”.

Well, they do not work as well as getting someone with a huge list to do a promotional mailing for you. That is true.

BUT – don't forget about the guys who just want to stick up a banner ad on their blogs and move along.

Here are some affiliate stats from my program at from inside my shopping cart to show you that it can definitely be worth it to create a few graphics for your affiliates to use. The thing is that I created these awhile ago and have not touched them since. So it's essentially “free” money now.

Now these numbers are not staggering, by any means. 🙂 BUT – it does show that it's worth it to go onto or to your favorite graphics person and whip a few graphics up.

I have 17 graphics available for affiliates. Here are just a few of them. Click on the screenshots to see them larger if you can't read the numbers clearly.

The most important stat to note on this page is the “SALES” column. Those are customers being added to my database who can order repeatedly. (That's huge.)

118 sales

 18 sales.

55 sales.

423 sales.

89 sales.

169 sales

376 sales.

644 sales.

Obviously you want to have graphics that have a call to action on them and are descriptive of the product.  But, don't give up on graphics just because some guru told you that banners were dead. It was definitely worth it to me to have these created.

Hey, if you want to promote I'd love to have you as an affiliate. Check out the program here: Affiliate Program Details

Have a fabulous day!

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    I absolutely love it when rockin’ program owners like yourself have tons of great affiliate tools! It really makes it so nice, to be able to just go in and grab a banner when you need one. I was just reading my own Easy PLR stats last night and for the minimal effort I’ve put in, they’re pretty darn good!

  • Aurelia

    Ohh this is great stuff. Thanks for sharing your stats!

    I have an affiliate program and offer up banners and buttons for my affiliates to use and I hope they are making the best of them. I ALWAYS promote other affiliate programs by using banner and I wish more program owners would offer great tools like you do.

  • The Mom

    Thanks, Nicole! Humble bloggers/affiliates (like me for instance) may not have a large list built, yet. So we may be blogging about your products for a while yet. Maybe I’m not good at email marketing yet, but I am good at spotting a pretty banner that will get some attention when I put it up on my blog and promote your product, or promote it in a Facebook post.

    A banner is an easy visual to make the post more readable… especially for my audience. I’m a very ‘visual’ person so I empathize with readers who need something very obvious (aka banner) to click on.

    For instance, I promote Susanne’s Hillbilly Housewife old fashioned cookbooks on my blog. If I just linked to the text, my audience would not click on. But, with Susanne’s absolutely gorgeous graphic of an old fashioned stove or the bookcovers, my readers will click on. It instantly says “This is what I want to see!”

    Just like your “Just Add Sweat” ebooks, Nicole. They are cute and fun and SHOWS my reader in an instant what they can expect. Just linking to the words “How to Start a Recipe Blog” – at least for me and my audience – seems less fun, less inviting. Again, it’s a visual thing.

    So, I guess what I’m saying is THANK YOU for providing me with banners and graphics. I love them. I use them. And I especially love it when I don’t have to go looking around for something else to use; when the affiliate just provides them. I say give your affiliates a choice – if they want to use them, fine. If not, fine. But at least they have the option if they think it suits their audience to use them.

    Thanks for letting me pipe in. 😉

  • Mandy Allen

    I love banners and would always use them to encourage sales. I believe that graphics are one of the best ways to sell something.

    Enjoy the journey.


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