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Marketing Monday: Reaching a NEW Audience.

For this Marketing Monday, I wanted to feature AMC Movie theaters who offer special showings of their movies for those children affected with sensory disorders.

For some children this is the FIRST time they've ever been able to experience a movie, since normally the theaters are too dark and noisy for these children to handle without sensory overload. This is also a great option for parents who have children on the Autism spectrum who may not otherwise be able to handle the “full” movie experience.

Click on the graphic to check it out.

Click here to check out the Sensory Friendly Films and find a Theater

As the mother of a child who suffered from Hyper-sensitivity to touch, sound, and light, I wanted to personally thank AMC for their initiative. I used to keep ear plugs (the kind you'd use at a rifle range), in the trunk of my car at all times. You never know when you might run into a parade, get invited to a movie, or have the opportunity to watch fireworks – all things that my son could not handle.  I wish this had been around years ago. 🙂

All right, ladies and gentlemen…

Let's talk marketing. This is pretty freaking ingenious, in my opinion. This movie chain is opening up their doors (and their pockets) to an ENTIRELY new audience who will be loyal to them. New market? New money. Free press – as you can see. I am not being paid by AMC to write this blog post.

What can you do?

Look at your own business (or those of your clients). Who is currently NOT a potential client who could be with a small tweak? AMC could have just said “well obviously our market isn't kids who don't like loud noises and sounds”. Instead they asked the magical question “HOW?”

“How” opens doors.

So “HOW” can you grow your business today?

Much love and thank you for reading. (Please share this program with ANYONE who can benefit. I want it to succeed!)

Nicole Dean


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    So. completely. awesome. I absolutely love this idea, from a sensory issues perspective and from a marketing perspective!

    The really cool thing, marketing-wise, is that they are the first! The first to attempt – and succeed – at opening their doors to this market segment. More often than not, it rocks to be first!

  • The Mom

    My Hubby (known to Nicole and family as Papa) manages a small, independent theatre. No stadium seating, no big noisy surround sound stuff. It appeals to older clientele. But, I wonder if another audience might be children and adults both, who simply can not tolerate the over stimulation of those other theatres. You won’t find a 3D movie. You won’t find the heart-pounding sounds. What you find is a movie that is easier to see and listen to. I don’t know if the movies would be as sensory-sensative as needed, but it is an option for many. It’s another audience, for sure.

  • Jenny Dunham

    Thanks for sharing this program, Nicole. I have two grandsons who would love going to a theatre like this. Now, I’m going to have to put some thought into how I can use this idea in my own marketing.

  • Vicki Kron

    Now this is indeed a great move. My grandson will fit right in with their novel concept. Think outside of the box, that will keep me coming up with new ideas, hope some of mine are this great.

  • Lisa

    I think this idea is ingenious. My son was not on the spectrum but these new theaters would have been great for him, he always seemed overloaded in the movie theaters.

    As far as marketing, I would love to think of a new angle for my e-commerce store. Being at the mercy of Google updates is not fun. I had been doing great for awhile but noticed today I’ve lost rankings in the SERPs.

    Gotta put my thinking cap on.

  • Peggy Baron

    Yes! I love that they reached out to a new audience – one that can benefit from what they have to offer while at the same time making AMC more sales. It seems like a win-win.

    I like to think outside the box and this idea has my brain firing on all cylinders. Thanks for the share, Nik.


  • Alice Coaxum

    That is a wonderful thing AMC is doing because it opens up options for those who wouldn’t be able to tolerate attending a regular movie. Also “How” is a good question to ask ourselves about how we can broaden our audience. I’m going to have to think about that and see what I come up with.

  • Kathy

    What a wonderful idea. Our son has Aspergers but at 29, he can now handle most loud noises. Certainly enough to enjoy the movies but perhaps not the race track. He can handle playing Rachmaninoff on the piano and that gets mighty loud! Hubby also has Aspergers and won’t go near a rock concert.

    I’d love to see this concept in Australia as there are just so many people somewhere on the spectrum these days. When our son was diagnosed at 12, not many knew about Aspergers, certainly not his teachers. Today it seems that almost everyone knows someone or is related to someone with some form of Autism.

  • Danyelle Franciosa

    Me and my husband love to watch movies in theaters and I think I could get more ideas in marketing. You have a good idea when it comes to marketing in reaching a new audience and thanks a lot for sharing us here your brilliant ideas.

  • Richardp

    One of my daughters has retired from her career employment and is now spending the months of the school year as a classroom assistant in our local school system. She elected to work in the special education area with autistic children. Our local AMC theater shows the Sensory Friendly Films. I’m going to make sure the she is aware of it.
    Thanks for this helpful post, Nichole.

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