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Perfect? Nah. Me neither.

You know I couldn't do “Nicole-isms” and not include this one. 😉

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Have a GREAT day!

Nicole Dean

PS. I’m learning a ton about Pinterest here: Social Media Challenge.

(If you decide to buy, grab it through my link and then send a copy of your receipt here and you’ll get my notes that I’m taking during the course, too!)

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  • Glennette

    Nicole, I really love this one because it’s so true! Once I realized it and started just doing it as Nike would say, my profits have increased exponentially!

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    OMG, I love this, Nicole, and it’s one of my VERY favorite things you’ve taught me!!! 🙂

    • The Mom

      Guess what, LMM? This commentluv stuff really works! Because of your intriguing title of your blog post, I clicked on, read, laughed, and then commented. I even watched the video! If your title hadn’t been posted here via commentluv, I probably would have missed your fun post. This stuff really works. Imagine that, right Nicole?! 😀

      p.s. It also illustrates quite nicely how important it is to put some thought into the title of a post. If you had titled it something like “I Get Mail I Shouldn’t Get” I may not have clicked on. I like a little intrigue. 😉

      • Lisa Marie Mary

        Awesome! And I’m so glad you told me about it here – I had to go dig you out of spam! I just love comment luv – you should see some of the titles from people that read The Bloggess. Too funny! Thanks for taking the time to read!

    • The Mom

      You are just bursting with information, aren’t you. commentluv, eh? Now I know why when I’m asking you stuff you say; “ah, Mom? Did you read my blog? No? Well, then, how will you learn?” A gentle task master. 😀 kiss kiss

  • Henry Bolden

    Hi Nicole,
    I really appreciate the information you give out to your readers. Anything that will help me continue to profit online is always welcome. You need an edge online with the amount of competition.

  • Heidi

    It sure would be nice to be profitable whether perfectly or imperfectly. The last google update cut my profits in half and I provide great content!

  • Marilyn aka G-Ma

    That is the problem with most people that try marketing and then don’t make it. They think they have to be perfect. I don’t think there is anyone that is perfect.

  • Aurelia Williams

    I just pinned this!! I love these “Nicole-isms”

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