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Online Business Ideas for Kids

Many parents would love to see their kids start their own business and would love the opportunity to foster their child's entrepreneurial spirit. If you're a parent and have been interested in getting your kids involved, but thought it was too expensive or that your child would lose interest in the project, I have found a great free guide to help you.

This guide, written by Alice Seba, who has been teaching people to start inexpensive and fun online businesses since 2002, has created “A Parent's Getting Started Guide: Your Guide to Helping Your Children Start an Inexpensive & Fun Business Online”

You can download your complimentary guide here:

Have you been thinking of starting a website, but you're terrified
of all that technical stuff? I understand.
Here's a great option —
It takes 5 minutes to build a website with this service — Seriously! And, there's a free 10 day trial to see for yourself just how easy it is.

And, if you are looking for offline business ideas for kids, I've started compiling ideas here –
from face painting to tutoring to baby sitting and more –

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