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More Copy & Marketing Mistakes to Make you Laugh

In business, you really have to have a sense of humor — especially when dealing with clients or AS a client.

How many of you got the email from Jimmy D. Brown today about his new club that looked like this:

Sbj: Special Offer from Jimmy D. Brown
Sbj: Special Offer from Jimmy D. Brown

Well, the little “Sbj:” part before it wasn't supposed to be there, obviously.v

Guess who sent the mailing? ME! The “Sbj:” part was to show ME where the subject line was.

UG. So, I get it in my inbox and say “Sweet Niblets!” (as my daughter taught me from Hannah Montana). Then, I proceeded to cross my fingers that Jimmy wouldn't notice it. At least if he did, he KNOWS that I'm on cold meds. You can't say that I didn't warn him…

Thankfully, the boss is an awesome guy. (Not like I was *really* worried or anything.)

Whereas some people could have taken that as an opportunity to rip into me… he sends this:

LOL, you *are* a little under the weather.  The subject line says "Sbj"
and there is no "Dear First Name" in the opening. 
Or, were these by  design?   :-) 

After I bonked my head off my desk a few times, I counted my blessings that he is such a great friend.

THEN, I'm chatting with my girl, Arika, who manages my PLR site. I tell her that some of the customers are ordering our marketing reports expecting them to be more advanced than they are. (We don't cater to the experienced marketer crowd there.)

So, we decided to mark those packs with a note that they were written for the “beginner”.

I said “Arika, can you please handle that for me?”

She says “Sure.”

A few minutes later, she says “Check it out.”

I go to the site and started laughing until I cried when I saw this:

Twitter for Beginner Readers
Twitter for Beginner Readers

I immediately messaged Arika with the little laughing dude on Instant Messenger and she IM'd back “What?! Did I do something wrong?”

I was laughing so hard that I couldn't type. Tears were running down my face.

She said “What? What's wrong?”

Finally, I managed…

I can tell you're a mom. "Beginner level reader"
Dick and Jane!
See Jane.
See Jane Twitter.
Twitter, Jane, Twitter.

Then, she starts laughing. I meant Beginner Marketer, obviously.

I don't know. You guys think this one is better than Bear on a Bicycle or not? 😉

Hope it gave you some smiles!

PS. See another benefit of Outsourcing is … laughing your butt off!

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Arika

    Way to go Nik, you outed us! 🙂

    I sooo needed that laugh and those good tears so thank you! Just hope someone else finds it funny that we’re telling Dick & Jane how to Tweet! 😉

    Arika’s last blog post..You Should See Me Blushing…

  • Arika

    I just want everyone to know Nicole posted this just so I wouldn’t get any new clients! LMBO 😉

    Arika’s last blog post..You Should See Me Blushing…

  • Arika

    Now you know why you should follow this lady – she might be a little goofy but she’s oh so fun and one smart cookie – she’ll never get rid of me now.

    Arika’s last blog post..You Should See Me Blushing…

  • Shannon Smith

    LMAO That’s great! Don’t worry, you’ll both continue to get hired. You give people like me, the beginner, self-confidence in the knowledge that we don’t have to be perfect in order to succeed. 🙂

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Shannon Smith’s last blog post..Help your child be happier and more successful in school

  • Nan G

    Thanks for sharing that. I needed to laugh today. That’s why you and Arika are so cool to work with. You know how to laugh at the silly little mistakes we all make.

    Nan G’s last blog post..Keywords Crucial to Online Success

  • Nicole

    Hey, girl. I outed both of us. Neither one of us will get hired now. 🙂

    You’ll just have to stick with me then!

    I love laughing with you! My HELPERS ROCK THE HOUSE!

    • Michelle Howard

      Hey I must be on the same drugs you all were taking because when I first read this (a year later mind you), I didn’t even see the problem!

      Granted I’m new to marketing but it took me a “minute” to get it!

      PS Nicole I have to tell you I really enjoy your reading. I tend to add some humor to my writing as well but that’s how I speak so I figured I’d keep it real. Some may not appreciate it but some will. Forget those who don’t. I’m not changing me for nobody!

  • Nicole

    I should have entitled this one “My day in a nutshell … or is it nuthouse?” hee!

  • Mummy

    Okay, I hear ya’ll. Sometimes the brain does tricky things to our wording. Been there… done that… And, yes, this is right up there with the Bear On A Bicycle. 🙂 Keep the laughs comin’… if you DON’T laugh, the nuthouse is right around the corner. 🙂 Love ya!

  • Angela

    Too funny ladies! Yep I had tears from Arika’s mess up, lol.

    I’ve got one I did that I just looked up in my email and it still cracks me up. About a year ago I was working on a client’s speaker series and one of the speakers was named Bob. Well, here’s what the subject line that went out to about 300 people said:

    Last Night’s All Star Season Call with Youth Sports Expert – Bobo Bigelow!

    OOPs! I don’t know but I think Bob might not have been impressed with being called ‘Bobo’ lol!

    Angela’s last blog post..The Importance of a Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Art

    Hmmm … must be a female thing. Although I found it ‘slightly’ amusing, I didn’t see anything really funny.

    And so it goes ….

  • Peggy Baron

    Thanks for the laugh, Nicole and Arika!

    I saw the sbj: and actually though it was nifty because it caught my attention about whether it should be there or not. Good way to get your emails looked at, even if it was an accident. 🙂


    Peggy Baron’s last blog post..Word of Mouth – An Internet Marketer’s Tool

  • Vera Raposo

    You ALL make me laugh! THANK YOU!

    Vera Raposo’s last blog post..Product Reviews: Do they help you with Marketing?

  • Christine Steendahl

    LOL LOL Maybe I better go read the work you did for me today. 🙂

  • Debbiegirl

    Nicole, these are hilarious girl! Here’s what happened to me the other day. I was on Twitter getting ready to add someone to my following list and reading his tweets and saw one he had posted with a skydiving link. When I clicked on it, he had posted the Wrong Link and brought me to this site on YouTube where someone had posted an advertising video for their business called , “Jone’s BIG ASS Truck Rental and Storage” and my first thought was….”How could Anyone’s ASS be Big Enough to need to a TRUCK RENTAL for STORAGE?” Of course I know that’s silly but that’s the way it SOUNDED and it got me laughing so I clicked on the video and was LMAO so hard. Here it is:
    Of course Matt then corrected it a tweet later to the correct link. Which in case anyone is curious is apparently his first skydiving jump at:

    Debbiegirl’s last blog post..Best DUI Ever…I thought it was funny!

  • Aurelia

    Thanks for this laugh!! I love it!!

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