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Productivity Week: Day 5

Welcome back to Productivity Week.  Today's the last day of this sneak peek. I sure hope you liked it!

Here’s my day so far…

1. Got up and got everyone out the door. Then was a little lazy and played a few games of FreeCell.

2. Checked on Facebook & Email for emergencies while drinking coffee.

3. Checked on sales from yesterdays promos to see how they did.

4. Poked around on for a bit.

5. Made and ate breakfast. Eggs with roasted veggies today.

Now, I'm ready to rock and roll.

To do next…

1. Finish this blog post. 🙂

2. Mail lists something cool.

3. Finish writing this month’s lesson today. It's turning into a beast. YIKES. 🙂

4. Post a “Free Content for your Blog” Friday.

5. Answer the interview requests that I got to promote today so they can go live next week.

6. Possibly mail affiliates or friends personally about to see what I can do to help them promote. If not this week, then next.

7. Set up a coupon for a promo for a JV partner who wants to promote.

8. Connect with a coaching client who requested a phone call.

9. Possibly train on the new help desk with my techie gal today.

How’s your day going? What’s on your agenda?

Please post your to do list for today as well as your progress. Looking forward to it!

Hugs and high fives,

PS. Be sure to swing by and comment at Susanne’s blog, too:


  • Nicole

    Checking in. Having some sidetracking / techie issues, but still doing pretty well.

    1. Posted blog post above.
    2. Posted Blog post for Free Content Friday.
    3. Connected with Carrie Wilkerson about her new promo.

    • Nicole

      Also, just sent this email to leads and customers:

      Hi. It’s Nicole Dean from

      This is a courtesy reminder that the $10 off coupon on the 15
      Social Media comparison charts that I told you about the
      other day expires today.

      Publish a few of these on your site and YOU’LL be the go to
      person for Social Media. If you provide Social Media services,
      these are a total no-brainer for closing the deal.

      The info is below so you can decide if it’s something
      you can use or not. 🙂

      How to get the Most out of your PLR
      But First…

      I know many of you struggle with what the heck to do
      with all the PLR that you have.

      My friend, Ronnie, has a free resource to help. Yes, you
      have to sign up to get it, but I think it can help you
      to use the PLR that you have for the best results.

      Here’s the link:

      Social Media Coupon Expiring
      Here’s the info about those comparison charts…

      73 Social Media Tools and Sites Compared Over 110 Criteria…
      in 15 Individual Ready-to-Monetize Comparison Charts,
      Complete with PLR Rights

      If you’re interested, check it out here:

      Coupon Code: smcharts
      Discount: An additional $10 off

      That’s all from me. Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

      Nicole Dean

      PS. Be sure to swing by and check in to my Productivity Week
      with how you’re doing today.

  • Grandma Marilyn

    Ok, I wrote what I did today in yesterday’s post. LOL Talk about getting ahead of yourself. Since I started reading your post, I got lost in Fiverr looking at potentials for helping me write PLR. I will have to see what I can do first. Not sure how much more I will get done as I am getting tired now.

  • Wendy Wood


    I really enjoyed having a sneak peek into a week of your life. Thanks for sharing.

    Most days I feel like I don’t accomplish much, but for the heck of it I wrote down what I did that was business related in one day, and I must tell you I was amazed at what I DID accomplish. Made me feel a heck of a lot better – and sleep better as well. LOL!

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