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Get Your Yummy Christmas PLR Recipes

Christmas is a sneakin' up on me. How about you?

A lot of people have their income DROP at Christmas time. Mine goes up.


Because I have holiday content on my websites, drawing search engine traffic (and cashola) to me.

You can easily do the same. 🙂

Grab some high-quality Christmas PLR from

There's a 10 article pack all about Christmas Desserts that includes:

Chocolate Holiday Desserts
Christmas Candy
Holiday Fudge Desserts
Easy No Bake Christmas Desserts
and more!

And, 40 Christmas Candy recipes that made me gain 5 lbs just reading them!

Here are just a few of them.

Christmas Angel Wands
Cinnamon Coffee Truffles
Vanilla Peanut Butter O's
Elf Nibblers
and of course a bunch of fudge recipes, too!

You can get your hands on both of these packs AND keep a little money in your pocket. You'll save 25% if you purchase through this link instead of the link from the main page.

Christmas PLR Recipes and Articles

If you missed our great Thanksgiving offer – or any of the others – you can still grab them at:

Yummy PLR

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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