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So You Had a Bad Day …

It’s another Expert Briefs, where I ask really smart business owners to answer your burning questions.

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I am asked this question often and I think it's safe to say that it happens to everyone.

This week I asked our panel of experts …

When you're having a bad day or where you feel like throwing in the towel and just saying ‘screw it' what do you do to pick yourself back up and keep plugging along?

I think you'll find the answers this week interesting and hopefully motivating.

Denise Wakeman of Blog Squad Tips says:

Depending on how difficult the day is feeling for me, I do a couple of things;

1. Go to the gym or for a short run.
That almost always clears my head since I'm away from my desk/computer and focus on my body. A good workout will do wonders for my mental state.

2. If it's really bad, I contact my business mentor.
She can always talk me down from the “screw it” place and talk me back up to recognizing my gifts and how I serve others and that i am appreciated.

Between those two things, I can usually get myself back to work with a positive attitude.

Mark Mason of says:

OK — you are asking for the secret sauce now.

Seriously, I run into this problem all the time. Like a lot of internet marketers, I have a day job, a wife, four kids, a dog, a cat, two turtles (Pumble and Tumble) and five fish. I also have a house with a ton of chores. I usually don't work on internet marketing until after 10PM, and some days it is really easy just to “screw it” (Nicki's words) and go to bed (or watch old Law and Order re-runs).

When I feel that way, I use one of 2 strategies:

1. Instead of doing NOTHING, I pick something that I want to do that is not on my list of things that I need to do.
Check out some new software, read some blogs, do some fun social media work. Basically, I goof off on non-critical BUSINESS tasks. Stuff that I usually do not allow myself to do when I am focused on making real progress. Then at least I get SOMETHING done.

2. I work on my Motivational Monday series.
Now, many people think that I publish motivational blog posts just to help my readers. The truth is, they help me too. I intentionally started that series to help me stay motivated too.

Most of all, people need to remember that internet marketing is a marathon not a race. Pace yourself. To me, that means that it is actually OK to say “screw it” every now and then.

Lynette Chandler of says:

Such a timely question because I was feeling so ready to throw in the towel last night. Thinking back to the last times I felt this way, here's what I did.

Let it go, do something else, or if it is late at night go to bed.
Sometimes a few hours will do the trick but sometimes it could be a day, two maybe a week. But that's the beauty of doing what we do. Take as long as you need. If however you are taking forever to find your fire again then something is seriously wrong and you'll probably want to do a re-evaluation of the business and direction you're heading.

Sometimes the point of frustration is more about an unpleasant task that has to be done.
The last time that happened to me, I wrote to my assistant and explained to her the issue, that I didn't want to do or think about it. The wonderful woman took the entire thing off my hands and let me move on again.

I'm not a talker by nature but have found I really need someone to just talk things out with me from time to time with a few good friends in the business and also my husband. The last time I did this, I ended up with a new vision.

Lynn Terry of says:

I walk out the door and drive straight to McDonald's to pick up a job application. About halfway there, I realize how insane that is and turn around, then get back to work. πŸ˜›

Seriously though, it happens to all of us. It could be an email that is totally deflating, or a nasty headache, but sometimes there are just days when you don't “feel it”.

If I have something specific scheduled, I take a deep breath (and maybe a short break or power walk) and then work my way through it. More often than not though, I don't – my schedule is very flexible. So in most cases I'll step away from the office and take a nice long nap or watch an engaging movie.

A big part of taking care of my business is taking care of myself.
I don't take that lightly, as I know all too well how burn-out or mental fatigue can affect my work. Fortunately with a flexible schedule I can work when I am at my best, and when I'm feeling inspired and creative. And otherwise nap and read and watch great movies. πŸ™‚

Shannon Cherry of The Business Building Live Intensive says:

Usually it's more than just one bad day that makes me want to throw in the towel. It's a bad week. And when it's bad, all I want to do is tune out and tune into Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

For me, it's Buffy. For you, it could be playing on Facebook or cleaning the house. Whatever you do, it's avoidance. And it's a sign something is up.

So here's what I do:

1) Allow myself some time to detach.
Sometimes just having a break from it all can do wonders. I allow myself a half-day to do what I want. They key here is to set a time frame and keep it. Then get back to work.

2) I make a list.
Sometimes it's overwhelm that's got me paralyzed and turns a bad day into a bad week. Usually, this is something I do with a partner – either my husband or my accountability partner. That way I don't get caught up in the list (which I already have in my head anyway) and start getting it done. Once the list is made, I select the top three things that MUST get done today. The rest, as they say, is gravy!

3) I think about my WHY.
Why am I in business in the first place? What is the motivator behind all I do (the good, the bad and the yucky). For me, it's my girls. I want to be home when they are home. I want also have time to be their advocate, as they are on the Autism spectrum. So I need to make sure the time I am working is productive. I think of this… and get cracking.

Susanne Myers of says:

As you well know Nicole, I have those days on a somewhat regular basis and you know what the first thing is I do. πŸ™‚

Step One – Send an instant message to Nicole Dean

Sometimes all it takes is to hear a “poor baby” or get a virtual hug from someone who understands this biz, understands “you” and gets why that one nasty email you found in your inbox is ruining your entire day. That's why my first step is to instant message Nicole. She sets me straight and reminds me that I don't really want to go back to an office job.

Step Two – Work on something productive

Next, I try to work on a little something that makes me feel productive. If it results in some comments, sales or new signups, even better. I might write a quick article or blog post and publish it, send out an email, or turn some articles into a short report that I can give to my list.

Just making myself do something to grow my business is often enough to get me in a better mood.

Step Three – Look at how far I've come

If none of the above do the trick, I open Google Analytics, Clickbank, Aweber and my shopping cart and look at where I was at a year ago. Seeing how much more traffic I get now, how many more affiliate sales I am making and how much my list and customer base have grown is a great “pick-me-up”.

It may feel like I'm taking one step forward and 2 steps back, but the stats show that I am making progress.

NicoleNicole Dean of .. here! .. says:

Wow! I got a lot of responses this week – and I didn't even have to send a reminder saying “Hey guys… you gonna answer or what?” lol. This is obviously a hot topic.

Everyone has given great advice. So, I'll say “ditto” to all of my smart friends above.

Before I dive in with my answer, I'd like to, once again, say how amazing my friends are to be so transparent and honest in their answers. Instead of saying “oh, I never feel that way. I just sit on the beach and suck margaritas all day and my life is perfect” – they shared the honest truth.

YES. Some days are deflating.Β  Some days, you lose your mojo completely. Yes. Some days you question whether getting a job would *really* be a bad thing.

Goodness. This month, I got an email from someone who I thought was a friend (or decent acquaintance at the least) that felt like a punch in the gut. It was totally over the top. That royally sucked. (Before you ask, it's no one who you guys know from Expert Briefs. These ARE friends.)

Other things that can make me want to say “screw it” are…

  • Technical snafus that roadblock me. These drive me bonkers.
  • Spending time creating and sending an email or freebie that I think my people will LOVE and it tanks. (Yes, that happens.)
  • Getting a refund request with the words “I don't mean to be mean but…” in it. (I can count the times on one hand that it happens, but I can personally remember every time it has in the years I've been online.)
  • Creating a new product that people have been asking for – but they don't buy right away in the big numbers you thought they would.

Stuff like that can send you reeling.

It can make you question everything.

  • Who you are.
  • What you're doing.
  • Why you're doing it.
  • IF you're actually helping anyone.
  • And, whether or not you should even bother.

Back to the drawing board, right? πŸ™‚

Connect with Someone Who Understands.

The FIRST thing I do is always the same – I connect with someone who understands and knows me and who I trust.

I normally get on IM or Skype with Susanne, Melissa Ingold, or Ronnie Nijmeh, and get myself back on track. Sometimes I'll get on the phone with Lynn or Scott Tousignant but not often enough.

Reboot your Brain.

Then, I give myself permission to lick my wounds a bit and get away from the computer to “reboot” my brain and my emotions. I know that if I try to power through it – it's ineffective for me. I have to step away for awhile.

Some of the other things I do are similar to the others:

  1. Spend time with the kids if they're home.
  2. Go throw the ball for my Einstein puppy for awhile.
  3. Go beat myself up at the gym.
  4. Go on a walk.
  5. Take a bike ride.
  6. Read a book that's not work-related in any way shape or form.
  7. Indulge in some TV time. (Normally the TV is off while I'm working.)
  8. Take a nap.
  9. Get a pedicure.
  10. Walk around and clean the house.
  11. Do some laundry.
  12. Run errands.
  13. Go outside and rake.
  14. Clean my car.
  15. Drive to the beach.
  16. Ask my Joe to take me out to lunch.
  17. Jump in the shower or bath. I swear there is something magical about the shower. I don't know if it's the steam or the sensory deprivation or what, but I get the best ideas in there.
  18. Step outside by the pool with a piece of paper and pencil and start doodling until things make sense again.

Keep a Happy File.

I also keep a “happy file”.Β  I print nice emails that I get from people and keep them in one place so I can go back and read them when I need a pick me up.

I also mark the nice things that people say to or about me on as “favorites” so I can pull those up when I'm feeling down. Here's how it looks. You can do this, too.!/NicoleDean/favorites

Take Time to See how Far You've Come.

One thing that I talked about in the Q&A this month at is that I always recommend to my coaching clients that they set up a binder with their monthly stats in it. It's like Mark said, this business is like running a marathon. Oftentimes, you don't realize how far you've come until you take a moment to look behind you. And, like Susanne said, look back 6 months or a year – at your list size, your traffic, your income… and see just how far you've come. That always helps to spur me on.

Understand that it's NOT Just You.

Sometimes it feels like bad stuff only happens to you. It doesn't. Just for fun, here's podcast that I recorded back in April 2009, the day that my pedal fell off my bike WHILE I was riding it.Β  I know I laughed really loudly in this recording – I apologize to your ears in advance!

Poop Happens and Wrestling with Moths – mp3 file

As I always say yes, you will fall. And, yes, poop happens – even to the “successful”.

Dust off those britches and get back into the game.

Nicole Dean

Check out this Recommended Resource:

Rachel Rofe & Ronnie Nijmeh created a cool course called Time Management Tricks.

Check it out if you want more info on organizing your day so you can spend less time in front of your computer — and more time living life.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Linda

    Great suggestions from all the experts. We all have bad days and the best thing is just to recognize it and get on with it. I try to stay attentive to my mood and talk myself out of it or talk to someone who understands. That can really help.

    • Nicole

      Self talk is huge, Linda. You’re so right.

      I’ve said this before but my husband gets on me about this all the time. Not so much anymore as I’ve been better about it. But one time, he looked at me and said “Nicole – do NOT talk that way about my wife. If anyone else on the planet said such things about my wife, I’d take them down. Stop it.”

      Of course I realized how rude I was being to talk so negatively about the woman he loves. Me. πŸ˜‰

  • Loretta

    I like the idea of keeping a binder, almost like a business growth scrapbook in a way. I can see that being an emotional reminder to look at (in a good way), like looking at baby pictures of the kids!

    • Nicole

      Exactly, Loretta. It’s so hard to see any sort of progress when you’re in the middle of everything. It’s very rewarding to realize that you gained an extra 100 leads since last month or you’ve got 3 more products to sell than you did this time last year. Celebrate ALL of your achievements. You deserve it!

  • Ella


    These are all excellent suggestions. Some I would have never thought of. What’s really surprising is that the experts have bad days just like I do!!



    • Nicole

      Yes – we all do. I think that’s the most important thing to realize in order to get past them. πŸ™‚

  • Skipper Holmes

    Wow, this “hit” at just the right time! I am alone in the world, over 60, and broke.
    That said, I have spent the last two months looking for jobs as a medical transcriptionist or medical office assistant (been doin’ transcription for 20 years).
    My cat Sophie gives me great joy, however.

    After 30 some laboriously completed applications to 2 hospital near my home in Colorado, something new boiled & bubbled up absolutely overwhelming me! I almost had a tantrum, I was sooo pissed off. How dare the human resoource director told me to remove a thumbnail pic & knock off some of my super years of experience working with docs.. “THEY WON’T HIRE YOU WHEN THEY SEE HOW OLD YOU ARE!” ”

    I promised myself I would NEVER WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE AGAIN! It’s a friggin’ insult to my employment record, my education and my person and my integrity. It’s also illegal, right? That carried no weight whatsoever.

    In that moment, driving home this a.m. with my coffee and chocolate muffin, I said loudly that I would never compromise myself again working for someone else!!! I will work harder and smarter in my biz & stop being a wuss and bring in a decent amount of $$$ to take care of me and Sophie. I WILL HAVE A LIFE!!! It will be the life I design and create.

    So lay it on me world; I dare you! Yes, it’ll be a struggle to make ends meet at first. I DO NOT CARE!

    Please contact me if I can offer support to any of you going through similar struggles.

    Skipper Holmes

    • Nicole

      You go girl! So proud of you.

      Sometimes the fear of NOT doing something has to outweigh the fear of the unknown in order to get ourselves to take action. (I speak from experience on this one.)


    • The Mom

      Holy mackerel, Skipper! That’s quite an awakening! You sound like a woman who listens to her heart, and head. Sometimes, it just hits us, and we say “No more.”

      Nicole can tell you that I (yes, I really am her mom) had an awakening that also led me to quit fighting the insanity of an outside j-o-b and tackle instead the insanity of a work at home freelance life.

      I have never regretted my decision.

      Good luck to you in your endeavors!

  • A. David Beaman

    When I’m having a day like that, it is usually because I am overtired, hungry, or feeling sorry for myself for one reason or another. So, I take a break from my work and treat myself good. I’ll watch a movie, go out to eat something, play with my dogs, or mow my grass. That night, I’ll make sure to go to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep. By the next morning, I’m over it and get back to doing constructive things.

    • Nicole

      Great point, David. I tend to stay up late – and I can really tell the next day that my creativity and overall mood is shot. Thanks for the comment!

  • Beth

    Thanks for such an awesome post!

    I have had a bad few months, but I just keep plugging along. When I see you ladies doing what you do and how far you’ve come, I just know I can do this too and I am so grateful for that (and you)! πŸ™‚

    Many times, people (who are not working Online), will ask me why I don’t just get a job. It’s hard to find people on “the outside” who understand what I am doing. (I would never, ever want to work at McDonald’s…shudder)

    Yesterday, a friend gave me a really great quote, which more or less said to pray to God for the help I need and then go do it. She shared a life-changing experience with me and then encouraged me to do what I know I need to do. I have been mulling this over and it was great advice for me.

    Also, on the especially bad days, I think about my “why” and it helps me to have a reason to keep doing this.

    Thank you again for such an inspiring post and some great ideas of what to do when I question what I am doing here. πŸ™‚

    • Nicole

      You are so welcome, Beth. And, you’re so right. People on the outside world just do not understand — which is why I thank God for my friends who are in this industry who I can lean on when I need it.

      Keep plugging along! πŸ™‚

  • Ascentive

    I’m having a day like that as well. I love to run to release stress, I feel so much better if I do a 2mile run after a bad day. Sometimes running in the morning keeps me in a good mood too

    • Nicole

      Isn’t it odd how burning energy can actually give you more energy? I’ve never quite figured that out. πŸ™‚ But it’s true!

      • Ascentive

        Yes it is! I recently started working after being laid off so I changed my work out routines to 6 am (not a morning person) and I have so much more energy mid morning.

  • William

    I’m in the middle of the Techinical snafu stuff right now. Can’t get FileZilla to run on my Computer, I’ve been trying to find and unblock whatever has been blocking it, for three days, many many hours. The thing is, I know there is a way, I just can’t find it. Give up, Never, Pound my head against the wall, Often. Thanks for the timely blog, it arrived at a very welcome moment. I will keep reviewing it every few hours until I find the answer to this problem. Then I’ll move along until the next one pops up.

    • Nicole

      Love this: Give up? Never. Pound my head against the wall, Often.

      Good luck figuring that one out. I wish I had info to help you fix it!

  • Traci Knoppe

    Oh goodness, I thought I was the only one that had days (weeks) like this where I’m ready to just quit! LOL

    When those days happen, I have to get away from the office and chillax to keep sane. A change of environment does wonders for me.

    Great topic!

  • Jenna

    This definitely hit home! Working from a home office can sometimes make you feel like your the only one in the world experiencing a problem or having a bad day!

    I like to go to the gym, get outside and do some physical labour in the yard and take my mind off everything for a little while! I always find I need to take a breather and get away from the situation to be able to look at it more clearly or realize what a blessing it is to be able to work from home and enjoy the life I want!

    Another way is to connect with fellow colleague via Skype, email, forums, etc!

    Great post and suggestions from the experts out there! Thanks!

    • Nicole

      This is so true – “I always find I need to take a breather and get away from the situation to be able to look at it more clearly or realize what a blessing it is to be able to work from home and enjoy the life I want!”

      Thank you for taking the time to share! I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  • Ramiro Rodriguez

    Hi Nicole, I was feeling like saying, ‘screw it’ last night. I was working on a press release and couldn’t seem to get anything going. Probably because I was tired.

    At any rate, before walking upstairs and throwing in the towel I forced myself to keep researching and about a half hour later I was smiling. It was done

  • DeAnna Troupe, Small Business Training Lady

    I was having a day like that today. My Internet simply wouldn’t load. I called the wonderful tech support at Clear and they helped me figure the problem out. When I have those days I just take a break, watch a movie or play with the kids if I can’t get the problem resolved right away.

  • Susanne Myers

    Wow – thanks so much for all the awesome comments. I’ve enjoyed reading them and what my expert friends had to say.

    Lynn, your’s is my favorite!

    “I walk out the door and drive straight to McDonald’s to pick up a job application. About halfway there, I realize how insane that is and turn around, then get back to work.”

    Going to have to give that a try πŸ˜€

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Good. This is just good. Really good. So glad you got so many answers and so glad there are so many comments. I’m having some uck right now. You guys have inspired me. I think I’ll mop the kitchen and then listen to a motivational speaker that I haven’t listened to in a while. Instead of sitting here driving myself crazy, arguing back and forth between me and I.

    “Get to work.”

    “No, I don’t want to. I can’t. I just…”

    “Then go lie down …read that book you’ve been enjoying …watch a movie.”

    “No, I can’t. I have to work.”

    “Well then, get to work.”

    “But …I can’t, I just can’t…. maybe in a minute…”

  • Scott Tousignant

    Well it depends on just how bad the day is for me. Many time, I simply give myself permission to have a bad day. I have no problem doing so, because most of the time I’m ultra productive and a bad day is just life’s way of telling me to “Chill” So, I’ll put in a movie or play some video games.

    After a little while of that I’ll hop on my bike or go for a walk with Bob Marley on my iPod singing, “Baby don’t worry, about a thing…” When I get my body moving like this it always clears my head and allows me to refocus.

    Many times I will grab my journal and just write. I’ll dump out everything that’s on my mind. That in itself can be very healing, because you see the written words of your frustration, rather than allowing them to boil up in your mind, constantly worrying, “What’s wrong with me?”

    The best thing for me is to go workout, mainly, because, when I workout I am ultra focused on every movement. I block everything else out. I forget about life’s distractions and am focused on “ME”. This is a time when my mind, body, and spiritual connection is at an all time high.

    Yes, exercise releases those feel good endorphins and things, but it’s more than that to me. I just feel “At Home” and “At Peace” when I have dumbbells in my hand.

    Every morning I write my most important tasks in my journal, so I will then reflect on what really needs to get done, do it productively, and rejoice in my sense of accomplishment and victory.

    That, and a great big hug and I’m good to go πŸ˜‰

  • Beth Jones

    This was so helpful and I loved the transparency here from the experts. πŸ™‚ I usually curl up on the couch to watch a chic flic, read a good book, or just go get a cold drink and drive around town with the radio up loud. πŸ™‚ There’s been more than a few occasions where I’ve just had what Rhett Butler referred to as Scarlett’s “crying jag.” Then I get back up again and go to it. I have a quote on my vision board: “You have to get over the hurdles and keep running.”

  • Rick Wilson

    What? Me? Have A BAD Day? OK … well, maybe … sometimes. heh heh

    When I start muttering loudly to myself, I usually figure it’s time to to “vacate the premises” for awhile. Alot of the times, weather permitting, I’ll hike down to one of my local “watering holes” down by the water and hang out with friends and watch some sports. I’m pretty good about pushing my “issues” out of the way when I do this.

    OR I’ll just take a LONG hike around town and the beach. Clear the head out a bit. I always seem to come back in a better frame of mind after a long walk. Coming back from the “watering hole”, maybe NOT so much. LOL

    But I just HAVE to get totally out for awhile when I’m not accomplishing anything useful.

    Working for myself has way more pluses than negatives for me to “chuck it”. For better or worse, I alone, control my successes and any failures that come along. It’s part of the game. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    It must be the CORPorate Rebel in me! LOL

    Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

  • Tishia Lee

    Loved this expert briefs. I thought that by now (after being a VA since January 2006) that I wouldn’t have so many of these throw in the towel/screw it days! lol My son is moving in with his dad in the next few months and I started buying local papers and skimming through the help wanted sections. Mostly because I want to get out and socialize with people (I’m a social butterfly so working from home is hard because I miss people really bad!) but also because a few weeks ago I was having HORRIBLE burn out hating what I do feelings.

    Long story short I realized I love my freedom that being self-employed allows me. I looked at those help wanted ads and realized I can’t go work for someone else that’s only going to pay me 7-8 dollars an hour! So, while Lynn gets in her car and drives towards McDonald’s I found that buying a local paper and looking at the help wanted section quickly gets me out of the screw it mode and back into let’s kick a** Tishia mode.

  • Courtney

    Everyday seems like this to me, but I just figured it was just because I was 8 months pregnant. πŸ™‚

    I do like Mark suggested, work on non-critical business tasks. If it’s something I can cross off my to-do list, I’m happy and it makes me feel productive.

    Often my problem is just not wanting to do the work. So I break everything down to 20 minutes increments and then I take a break – go play with the kids, read a magazine, clean, whatever – just something not business related.

    Loved reading the experts take on this subject!


  • Marya

    I was immensely cheered, She Says Guiltily, to see that even you, Nicole, are subject to things like technical snafus; a particular area that always makes me want to throw in the towel. But I must say, I liked Suzanne Myers’ Step #One solution the best: Hugs (virtual or real) are worth forty days of reading and twenty inspirational podcasts, to me. (And they only take a second!)

    As for me, if no hugs are available, I make a cup of tea and go wheel myself onto the deck for ten minutes — it really helps to Step Awaaaay From The Computer and look at spring flowers, trees and birds.

    If it’s pouring with rain (like today) I read or Lynn Terry’s Clicknewz — I defy anyone not to be cheered up and renewed by your sunny, “can do” personality, Nicole; or Lynn’s practical, cheery common-sense.

    And by the way, thanks. It worked (reading As in “right now”. πŸ˜‰

    Now back to finishing off my client’s Special Report…

    • Nicole

      Here’s a hug for you, Marya. {{HUGS}} Feel free to come back and get it whenever you need it. It doesn’t expire. πŸ˜‰

      You’re very smart — I know that you are going places. I have confidence in you!

  • The Mad Webmaster

    I’m pretty lucky to live in Perdido Key.

    I simply walk across the street to the beach or go to the back bay and watch the dolphins.

    An old guy like me is a little less caught off guard by life. (the stuff that interrupts you while you’re trying to make your dreams come true)

    All in all when I experience some valleys I know that a mountain top is just around the bend and the valleys have to happen to appreciate the mountain top views that much more.

    All the best,
    Mad Guy

    • Nicole

      Did I know that we’re neighbors? πŸ™‚ Willie Crawford is having a get together in Navarre Beach June 11th. Let me know if you want details.

      I totally agree with this, not just in business, but in all areas of life: “valleys have to happen to appreciate the mountain top views that much more.”

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Patti Stafford


    #17 – Jump in the shower or bath. I swear there is something magical about the shower. I don’t know if it’s the steam or the sensory deprivation or what, but I get the best ideas in there.

    Here’s why… πŸ™‚

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!


    P.S. Hope you don’t mind the links. I generally don’t link in comments, but thought other readers might want to discharge their ions too. LOL

  • The Mom

    33 Responses! Geez! You really DID hit a nerve, didn’t you Nik!?

    I have to agree with Susanne. One “poor baby” from Nicole is golden.

    Thanks for this fun topic. Smart experts, one and all.

  • Satu

    I especially liked the tip about thinking how far you have come already.

    I have a movie I like to watch on a really bad day. It is Roberto Rodriguez’ Planet Terror in which Rose McGowan plays an exotic dancer whose leg is bitten away by a zombie and replaced by a machine gun. It’s a silly movie, I have no idea why watching it consoles me so much. πŸ™‚

    I agree with Lynn that it’s important to take care of oneself. If I don’t sleep and eat and exercise enough, I’m not going to be of use to anyone. At my 20s I might have been able to pull all nighters, but it’s certainly not possible anymore. So if it’s going to take longer to reach my goals in online business because of that, so will it be.

  • Dr. Bob Clarke

    Hey Nicole,

    I love the “happy file”!!! What a great concept.

    How empowering to keep a file of great emails or inspirational letters that boost you up when you’re feeling like you got your wind sucked out of you! This is a great tip.

    I’m going to start mine today!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jan Ferrante

    I actually DID apply at a few stores in our town last week.

    I recently changed carts for my main biz and have had pretty much all of the nightmarish results mentioned above (never ending tech issues that still aren’t resolved AND some kind of snafu in my search listings so business has taken a huge dive over the winter just when I need it more than ever – seperated from hubby since Feb – it seems this winter has been one of huge changes – tearing down and rebuilding). After more time and money than I want to count, I maybe should have stayed with the old one!

    I also did a launch for something I had good feedback and interest in on my list that was really my main dream and so far has flopped (???) when it came to order time.

    I have mixed feelings. In some ways it’s a huge relief to imagine going to work and coming home and being finished! (reality likely is that I would not let go of my businesses and just add a job on!)

    The regular income would also be a huge relief and worry off my shoulders and interacting regularly in ‘real life’ doesn’t feel so bad anymore.

    On the other hand I felt right away the sense of the loss of my freedom to adjust my schedule to be able to do things I like and also the feeling of being topped at minimum wage income in exchange for a big chunk of my time – it’s not a heck of a lot.

    That said, I’ve put in countless hours at no pay on my biz on things that don’t work, might work, I have no idea if they worked. (something wrong with that picture?)

    So far I’ve applied only at stores where I would like to work. If I have to work somewhere I don’t like, that will totally suck!!!

    It does somehow feel like a waste of the skills I have learned over the past 10 years working online and giving up on what I’ve always felt was my contribution/calling and the chance to change lives for the better.

    And it is a lot different at 47 than it was at 17, that’s for sure!!

    The whole process did give me incentive to focus better and to look at efficiency and working on high return activities and to pull up my boots in some areas I know I have been lacking, just in case I get a call – and to better appreciate what I have in working for myself. I actually DID apply at a few stores in our town last week.

    At this point I haven’t given up but I’m not fighting it anymore.

    That in itself is not a bad thing, who knows. Maybe it will be the tipping point to something good, one way or the other.

    Time will tell!

  • Susan

    I think it’s okay sometimes to actually say “stuff it” (or words to that effect!), and take the time out (which could be no longer than a swift walk around the block). I wager that everyone on this page would return to their business and the pursuit of their goals soon enough!

  • Tina, KLT Coach

    This was such a great post! I had to share it! we all get stuck in ruts and find ourselves frustrated or our brains just on overload! Love the “reboot your brain” concept. Just walking away from the computer and going to the beach or, crazy as it sounds, just jumping in the shower works for me!

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together Nicole! Real words from real people!

    Tina πŸ™‚

  • Emily

    Walk through the garden and look at all the food growing that I planted myself.

    Take a day off and just play with DS.

    Stuff like that.

  • Natalie A.

    This is just what I need to read today Nicole – thank you! I was on such a roll this morning and then some how things changed mid day. Its nice to know that other people have days like this.

    Lynn, I absolutely love what you said about taking care of you makes your business better.I wholeheartedly agree with that.

    Thanks again for such a great post!

  • Edie Dykeman

    Thank you for a great post. Now I don’t feel so guilty when I just don’t feel like being online another moment.

    Because my family caregiver responsibilities have greatly increased, I have less time online. Every once in a while I just can’t even think about going online at the end of a busy day. So, if there is an NCIS marathon or a good book to read, I spend an evening ignoring the call of the computer.

    Skipper, I know how you feel. I’m quickly approaching my mid-60’s and just found out the last year or two how to make money online. My family was not happy when I quit working outside the home a few years ago, but I just could not take it anymore. Now that I am starting to make money online, my available time has greatly decreased. It’s a conundrum, but I am so glad I followed my heart!

    • Patti Stafford

      Hi Edie, I’m with you on the NCIS marathon. πŸ™‚

      I try to stay off the computer in the evenings, but if NCIS or Criminal Minds isn’t on, I usually hop on for a bit.

  • Kat Capps

    Hi Nicole,

    When I’m having a bad day, it’s usually because I’ve got a ton of stuff to get created/done and I’m in overwhelm and my brain has shut down. I’ve got two choices — keep sitting in front of the computer accomplishing nothing and feel worse and worse, or physically change my surroundings.

    I’ve been know to take drastic actions to shift, including taking my computer to the Coffee Shop or Bookstore and writing there; or soaking in a tub (with my Iphone in a plastic bag) and use the Dragon Dictate App to get some thoughts out; or taking the dog out for a long walk.


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