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Stress Relieving Exercise

Are you ready to fight the holiday weight gain? Here are some fun ways to get some stress relieving exercise —

Team Sports: Join a volleyball, softball or basketball league. Having your team-mates rely on you to attend practice will help you stick with your exercise program.

Play Time: Grab your kids and a ball and head out into the yard. Teach them all the games you used to love. I’ve gotten some of my best workouts playing freeze tag with my son in my front yard. The workout was fun and cost a lot less than buying a piece of exercise equipment. Jump on a trampoline, pogo stick, or grab a hula-hoop. It’s all good.

Quiet Time: If you enjoy quiet time, bike riding, walking, kayaking, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, swimming or hiking – any of these will encourage your mind to s-l-o-w down.

Shake it Baby: There’s a new trend in workout videos. From Ballet and Hip Hop to Belly Dance and Breakdance, you can now find every kind of dance workout video imaginable.

Take the time to take care of you. Now, get moving! There's no excuse not to get some much needed stress-relieving exercise.


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