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Ever Wonder “What Should I Blog About Next?”

It’s another Expert Briefs, where I ask really smart business owners to answer your burning questions.

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This week I asked our panel of experts …

What are your absolute best tips for coming up with blog post topics and ideas for yourself to write about? (Not for guest bloggers or interviews.)

What do you do when you're feeling out of ideas?

Let's get the brainstorming going…

Felicia Slattery of Credibility and Cash Flow says:

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. Literally the day I learned what a blog was back in 2006 as I was just trying to figure out what business I was in, I began my blog.

It started out as a way for me to think about what I wanted, a place to play with ideas for articles I planned to develop more fully, and an opportunity for me to feel like I was doing something productive in my business by developing my message. The only visitors I had back then were a handful of family and close friends.

Later, as my business grew, I had my blog redesigned. The only problem was — I HATED it. So my blogging time slowly dwindled to almost nothing. And there it stayed for a couple of years. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to say, it was that there were so many other places to say it — online articles, video, my ezine, social media — it didn't feel like I “had” to blog anymore.

Finally I had my blog redesigned again to something I'm much more proud to send people to. The question of what to write about is similar to people who ask me what they should speak about when they have a few minutes at a networking meeting to talk about their business. Here are a few tips:

1. Current Events: Is something newsworthy happening in your community, your state, your country or the world that you can comment on? When you use the keywords people are searching for you get the added benefit of additional new traffic to your blog.

2. Your Business: Do you work with clients or get emails or comments from people in your business that you could turn into a post? Tell stories of a problem someone has had and explain how you helped resolve it.

3. Social Media: Was there something in your Twitter stream or Facebook wall or Linked In group that got a LOT of attention? Use your blog to expand on it and continue the conversation. Then link to your post in the original social media post so others interested in that topic can read your thoughts and comment.

4. Favorites: Write posts about your favorite tools, books, mentors, or colleagues doing great things. Whenever I find a new online tool — especially a free one I LOVE — I share it with the world. If I'm reading a good book, or a bad one, I'll blog about it. If I have a great experience with another business owner that can help others or meet someone they should know, I use my blog to introduce my readers to that person.

5. Teach a Tip or Technique: When I feel totally out of ideas, I go to my bookshelf and online library and teach something I think my readers will find valuable. Then I ask them for their opinions or ideas, too.

I like to think of blogging as a conversation and work to keep my end going.

Connie Ragen Green of says:

My very best ideas for blog posts come from the questions my students ask during my teleseminars and webinars, as well as when they email me between training sessions. This means that they have taken action with what I am teaching, and are now able to ask a more advanced and specific question. By writing about it in detail on my blog, many people will benefit from the post over time.

I also find topics to blog about based on reading other people's posts. Typically I will leave a comment on their blog, and then think about it before writing my own post.

When I am completely out of ideas, I go back and read my own posts from a year ago, or even further. Many times there have been new developments on those topics, and I have also learned more since writing the original post. Everyone benefits from this type of research and the new blog post I end up writing as a result.

Shannon Cherry of Sponsorship Made Simple says:

The confounded ‘Blogger's Block.' As brilliant as we all are, there are times when we look at our blog we see a blank screen. It especially is tough for those for us who post three or more times a week.

The first thing I do is make sure I know the topic I should be writing about. Because I plan my marketing and promotions calendar, I know what I am promoting 6 months in advance. So I make sure that the theme or topic matches what I have on the calendar. (So when in doubt… plan!)

The second thing I do is look for ways to piggyback on hot topics already in my target market's radar. First, I look at what known holidays are going on and if I can't find one that relates to what my topic is, I turn to Blog Energizer or Chase's Calendar of Events to find more quirky holidays. For example, March is National Noodle Month. Now, I know this is really about noodles (as in the pasta-like food). But what if I take a twist on this… about using your noodle (and buy what I am selling).

By piggybacking, I get inspired and create more interest than the same-old-same old.

Alice Seba of Contentrix says:

A lot of people combine the activity of coming up with topics and blogging, but I think those are two very separate activities.

We've all done it. We sat at the computer and tried to figure out to write about and a few things may have happened. If we're lucky, we come up with a topic right away and we can start writing. But in many cases, it seems to take a while before we come up with a topic or we can't come up with one at all.

That's why I recommend taking time each month (or at an interval that works for you) and make a big list of topics you can write about or have a guest / ghostwriter write about. Once you get your first few topics written down, it's easier to come up with more. Personally, I'd prefer to spend about 30-45 minutes coming up with all the topics, instead of 10-15 minutes each time I sit down and try to write. It's an amazing time saver. Plus, it's much easier for me to be creative and come up with a ton of ideas. In fact, I'll often have more ideas than I need, and I can simply choose the best ones and discard those mediocre ideas. This helps make sure that I deliver only the best to my readers…instead of just “good enough”.

Of course, you still need to know how to get those ideas:

  • If you sell your own products (or recommend affiliate products), shape your content topics around what a buyer of those products would want to know about.
  • Review the headlines in your RSS reader to see what people are writing about.
  • Check out Google News or your favorite news site to see the hot topics.
  • Check out a big article directory like or look at Nicole's for topic ideas.
  • Find PLR content on topics that are suitable for your blog.
  • Use keyword tools like to find frequently searched for topics.
  • Look at magazines and other print materials

Write down every idea that comes to mind. It doesn't matter how lame it may seem. Lame ideas can become good ones with some extra thought and they can breed even better ideas. Review your list when you're done and come up with your blogging schedule. Now you'll never sit and wonder what to write about again…you'll be ready to go instead!

Susanne Myers of says:

I noticed that I go through cycles where I’m super creative and come up with all sorts of different blog post ideas and then I have weeks where it feels like pulling teeth. The key for me is often just to get started with some ideas and more start to branch of from the initial ideas.

Theme For The Week
My first strategy is to come up with related blog post ideas for the whole week. Once I have the overall theme it’s pretty easy to find individual topics to write about. I also don’t feel like I have to cram everything I know about a topic into one single blog post. Instead I can spread things out and teach one thing at a time.
The added bonus is that I can then take the related blog posts and turn them into a short report.

Keyword Research
Another good option I use frequently is keyword research. I either look at keywords I’m already ranking for and see if that sparks ideas, or I may type some rather general terms like “list building” into a keyword research tool and see what terms come up.
I find it helpful to look for long tail keyword phrases that are questions or include words like “how to” or “tutorial”.

Ask A Friend Or Customer
Last but not least, I just ask a friend, my readers or a customer what they would like me to cover next. Each email that goes out to my blog subscribers at invites them to reply with a question. Some of my best suggestions have come via Twitter. I just tweet something like “What would you like me to blog about this week” or “What’s your most pressing question about ….” I often get some great replies within a few minutes.

Jeanette S. Cates, PhD of says:

When I'm short of ideas for new blog posts, I use several idea generators. First, I keep an ongoing list of questions that I receive from members and the question form on my blog. These are always good article-starters.

I also keep a file of article titles I come up with as ideas pop into my head. I jot down quick ideas on the topic, then file them under “ideas.” I can easily pull one out and fill out the rest of the article.

I have several lists of “Blog Post Ideas” from other marketers and PLR reports I've purchased. Those are also great idea-starters. Plus, any PLR article is a great way to start your writing. Just rewrite it as you go and you have a brand new article!

Finally I've just started using EzineArticle's Title Suggestion tool. It's a nice challenge to have them generate article titles for you, then write to fill the topic.

There are always a ton of great ideas when you keep your mind open and your antenna alert. Enjoy the process!

NicoleNicole Dean of .. here! .. says:

The dreaded blank screen looms ahead. My mind goes even emptier than usual as panic starts to take hold.

“What if I never come up with an idea?! I'll sit here for ever. I'll DIE in this chair. OMG HELP!”

ok. Well, it doesn't get that bad, but sometimes I do wonder if I've run out of things to talk about.

The best thing I can do at that point is to go on a walk or jump in the shower, or do both — but not at the same time. That's just silly. 😉

When I get back, I usually feel like I have more ideas than I could ever write in just one lifetime.

Because this is a question that I get asked about regularly, I wrote a report on this topic that you're welcome to read here:

20 Ways to Come up with an Idea for your Next Blog Post

Recommended Resource


One of the many ways that I come up with ideas to blog about is through keyword research. I let other people tell me what they're looking for online in my field. Then I write about that.

Speaking of keyword research, I sent two free sets of keywords to my EasyPLR lists as a little gift.

Isn't it nice just to have pages of ideas – telling you what to write about?

But, what if you're in another niche, like Yoga or Crockpots?

You're in luck. My friend, Susanne Myers has put together “Niche Research Packs” for a variety of popular niches.

If the concept of niche research packs is new to you, then let me tell you what you get…

* Detailed niche description
* Who your target market for this niche is
* List of affiliate products available
* 100 domain name ideas (plus list of modifiers for hundreds more)
* Detailed keyword report for over 1000 keywords
* 100 article and blog post ideas
* 15 different author resource boxes
* 2 different detailed marketing plans (beginner and advanced)

Be sure to check it out here if you think it can help you in your business:

It’s Your Turn.


So, now, I’ll pose this question to you. Do you have any special tips for coming up with blog posts when you're fresh out of ideas? I’d love to hear your comments!


Nicole Dean

PS. I have created brandable reports from several of the previous Expert Brief columns that you can use to earn money by giving them away.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Mike Paetzold

    My best ideas come for either questions that are asked of me in various forums or conferences or from my daily trek through my feed reader.

    If things get real tough then I check out Google trends. Often that generates ideas that create a more unique twist to an idea that was just percolating under the radar.

    The most important thing though is to always have a way to save the ideas I get. Being old and bald if I don’t write the ideas down or record them then they disappear long before I sit down to write about them.

    • Felicia J Slattery

      Um, Mike… I’m here to tell you having lots of hair doesn’t keep the ideas in! 😉 You can breathe a sigh of relief: Being bald in blogging isn’t a disadvantage. So in case you were feeling follicle envy, you’re off the hook!

      However — your advice to write down the ideas is a good one! And I never thought of Google reader. Awesome!

    • Nicole

      Great tips, Mike.

      What I do is create a draft for every idea that I get.

      That way, when I do get stumped, I can just look at my drafts, open one and start writing. Plus, I don’t have to worry about losing my list — or having the dog eat it. 😉

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Philip

    For me, it’s about capturing the ideas as they come up and not waiting until I’m sitting in front of the keyboard. I use “Things” on my iphone and on my computer. It’s like a to do list (but better). I keep a section on ideas for videos and ideas for blog posts.

    That way, if I’m some place away from my computer, I can capture the idea before it gets away. Customer questions make great post ideas, just a matter of making sure I get it “written down” before it’s too late. Great post, Nicole!

    • Nicole

      Customer questions are AWESOME. You can easily find out what’s in their heads, and use their jargon when writing a response so you’re speaking their language.

      Awesome tip. 🙂

  • Andre Arnett

    That Old Bald Guy has taught me a few things including writing it down and Google Reader. I also like to look at other people’s post to see if there is a topic I can finagle from their writings. I like all of the points made here about it though. All great ideas. Thanks.

    • Nicole

      I agree. It’s definitely smart to get inspired by others.

      That’s how I’ve gotten some of my best back-links. People starting a blog post with “I was over at Nicole Dean’s blog and they were discussing…” Sweet, free traffic. 🙂

  • Nicole

    My smart friend, Lynn Terry, blogged about us here:

  • Vert Studios

    I usually come up with 30 or so blog post ideas at a time. I usually only get to write a post once a week, so those last me for a long time. Taking a few hours to sit down and consider your options at one point in time is MUCH better than sitting at an empty text editor thinking “hmmm….” (which I guess would be equivalent to not thinking 😉 ).

    • Nicole

      lol. Agreed. 🙂

      I can normally write a blog post in 10-30 minutes, depending on how involved it is. Longer, obviously if I’m recording video or trying to write something totally “epic”.

      So, yeah, in an hour of trying to decide what to write about, I could easily write 2-6 blog posts.

      Excellent point.

  • Shannon (Living Life at Home)

    Somehow I’ve ended up with lists and lists of ideas, but then get overwhelmed trying to choose which one to work on when. This year I’ve been trying out a focus schedule inspired by Shannon’s idea of planning out 6 months in advance, and that’s helping my productivity a great deal.

    Sometimes that “what do I write about” isn’t a lack of ideas, but instead the overwhelmed feeling of not knowing where to even start, or what direction to go in. I like have the direction already mapped out, so then I’m just taking steps down that path.

    • Nicole

      Shannon, Great point. That darned “overwhelm” is a beast, no?

      Pick one. Do it.
      Pick another. Do it.

      I’d recommend not spending more than about 30 seconds deciding – if you’ve already got a list of ideas. It’s better to get 5 done than to think for 5 days about which one to choose. 🙂

      Hugs and thank you for sharing!

  • Alan

    Well, Nicole . . .
    Not sure how I came to find you, but very glad that I did.
    Have a feeling that I am going to benefit greatly by checking up on you on a regular basis.
    My very best wishes to you.

  • The Mom

    My blog started out, and still is, an emotional endeavor. Sometimes, that gets in the way, and sometimes it’s inspirational. Writing for the over 50 crowd is a challenge since the niche is so broad. Of course, I have a wonderful resource – the AARP newsletter. 😉

    Like Shannon Cherry, I have used the calendar to choose a topic. FYI… Shannon, if you’re reading this, February is National Cherry Month! 😀

    Besides reading AARP and checking out Chase’s online holiday calendar, I get ideas from reading other blogs in my niche. I just copy/paste the link right then and there to a virtual sticky note on my laptop. (I like the sticky notes because they are always right there in my face, and can’t get lost or put away.) Then, when I need ideas, I start opening up those links and choose something.

    Thanks, Nicole, for exploring this topic. Oh yeah, and ‘apple-tree’ I think best in the shower, too. I need to hang a digital recorder in the bathroom so I can record my ideas, cause sure as $@&%, as soon as I get out of the shower the thought is gone right out of my head!

    p.s. Nicole’s resources are invaluable. I love the keyword list. Yikes! Thanks for sharing them here. Susanne’s niche packs are absolutely incredible for anyone who wants to grab a niche and run with it. Everything is right there. Very cool.

  • The Mom

    Hey Nicole… I just got done reading your “20 Ways To Come Up With Ideas To Blog About” and am feeling inspired. 😉 Thanks for giving this away. I love freebies with meaty content!

  • Natalie A.

    What a great list of ideas! I have found that blogging from a question someone has asked is the easiest way for me to create content when I am stuck. I’m SUPER grateful for the free report you added Nicole. I now know what do to will the PLR that I have been sitting on for a year 😉

  • Roslyn Rajasingam, Working Mom Blogger

    Hi Nicole!
    Thank you for all the ideas here on coming up with blog post topics. Also, your short report on “20 Ways to Get Ideas for your Next Blog Post” should always be next to my desktop.
    All the best!

  • Emily

    I will often do as Susanne Myers, and think of blog-topic-related keywords, go to the Adwords keyword search tool and see what comes up.

    Google Alerts is helpful as well.

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