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What is Chitika? Can it make me money?

I’m a big fan of google adsense (who isn’t?!) So, when I read about this new program, Chitika, I didn’t give it much attention.
I don’t know if you’ve tried Chitika yet, but it’s basically a new kind of adsense, but with an e-mall setting (with product images).

I’m testing it right now, and thought you might like to see what it’s about. Plus, they have an affiliate program.

Here’s the link:

You can have it on the same pages as adsense as long as you have it set so you enter the keywords, and don’t make it contextual. If you have it on a page with google search, then you have to disable the search feature on the minimall which is super easy to do. Once you apply, I’ll send you my little tutorial on Chitika. Just let me know when you apply. 

I am pretty excited about this. I hope it makes us some good money. 😉

PS. Still not convinced? Here's a little tutorial for you
Chitika eMiniMalls Tutorial

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