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Lisa Gonzalez has written two fantastic articles about business promotion. I'd like to feature both articles here. I hope you enjoy them!

Offline Business Promotion for WAHMs – A lot of work at home moms are working from home with traditional businesses such as party businesses, direct sales and even home made, home grown businesses but many encounter the same hurdles…how can I promote my business to the fullest? It’s a common question for many entrepreneurs period. It may sound crazy, but are you using any traditional forms of advertising?

Online Business Promotion for WAHMs – This week we’ll continue this discussion about business promotion but we’ll explore a few ways to promote your business online. I want to mention a message board that I came across the other day, work at home moms were in fact talking about business promotion and I ran across a post from one work at home mom who said she’s afraid of online business promotion. Afraid? I thought, how could anyone be afraid?

Please let me know what your business promotion ideas are. And, of course, please check out our resources on Business Promotion

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