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Get to Know your NAMS Instructors

I'm packing to head to the NAMS Workshop which stands for Niche Affiliate Marketing System. (I'd love to meet you at the next one. Check out details here: NAMS Conference.)

Well, I realized that I've interviewed several of the instructors that will be teaching at NAMS, so this is a great opportunity for you to get to know the quality, warmth, and integrity of the people who teach there.

Now, I'm not sure if there have been any last minute cancellations, but I believe all of the following will be at NAMS this time (or have been or will be if they're missing this one for some reason).

Teaching will Be…

The Amazing Lynn Terry:

Learn more about Lynn Terry in this Interview

The Cool and Confident Connie Green:

Learn more about Connie Green in this Interview

Click here to learn more about NAMS.

The Awesome Jeff Herring:

Learn more about Jeff Herring in this Interview

The Super Duper Bob “the Teacher” Jenkins:

Learn more about Bob Jenkins in this Interview

The Guru to the Gurus Willie Crawford:

Learn more about Willie Crawford in this Interview

Click here to learn more about NAMS.

The Outstanding Paul Evans:

Learn more about Paul Evans in this Interview

My Dear Dear Friend & Brilliant Marketer Susanne Myers.
Learn more about Susanne Myers in this Interview

So, load up your iPod and get to know these amazing people before you show up at NAMS.

If you haven't checked out NAMS yet – do so soon. You're missing out.

Click here to learn more about NAMS.

I'm working on getting more of the amazing folks at NAMS interviewed so you'll get to know even more wonderful successful marketers soon.

Have a wonderful day!

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Don't miss the fun! Be sure to join us at the next NAMS Conference

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Angie (Losing It and Loving It)

    Looking forward to seeing you again. I can’t believe it but I’m all packed (except for toiletries) and ready to go.

    Lots of great presenters!

  • Susanne

    Thanks so much for the sweet write-up Nicole. And just to clarify, I’m definitely not smarter than you 🙂

    Looking forward to hanging out, learning and networking.

    Angie, I’m excited to see you again and hope we’ll have a little more time this go around to connect.

    Mary, I’ll miss you and out ongoing chats about your blog. You’ll have to catch me up on your blog and your ebook via email. I hope everything goes well for your daughter. I’m sure you’re excited to have another grandbaby.

  • Mary


    Going to miss seeing you, Susanne, Patty (your mom, or should I say “The Mom”) 🙂 and everyone this time around. My daughter is due Sept. 10th with child #2 and her first one was early. So I will be thinking of all of you this weekend, and semi wishing I was there.

    Have fun! And hopefully I’ll see you all in Jan. 2011.

  • Diana Walker

    Oh, Nicole – It is so wonderful to see all the familiar faces above — I really, really wish I was going but I’ll be there in spirit!
    I just loved meeting you in person at NAMS3 – you are so much fun – and I love learning from you!
    Have an amazing time!

  • Dan Morris

    So, it was great seeing you all again. I’m not sure whose smarter, but I could listen to Susanne’s “accent” all day. I love her voice.

    Anyway I love that you put this together. It’s great. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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