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How NOT to Write a JV Contact Email.

I got an email from a gentleman today who has started a business complementary to one of mine. Now, of course I don't want to “out” this man, because his contact letter was TERRIBLE.

Here's an excerpt:
I am looking for ways to promote my website business to stay at home moms and was
wondering what opportunities you could me provide for promoting my business to the consumers of your product. (i.e.special mention of referral on your site and in your guide, etc.)

Thanks in advance for your response.

Now, sorry to be a little ornery, but WHY SHOULD I CARE? lol. This sounds like a typical toddler, because all I hear is “ME, ME, ME”.

He's asking for something without offering anything in return, at all. Now, I get contacted daily by people who would like to find a mutually beneficial joint venture or promotion of some sort. Some I delete because they aren't a good fit, others I reply with a quick note letting them know I don't have time but may be interested later, and others I respond out of interest because they get my attention with an awesome offer beyond “link to me” or “sign up as my affiliate”.

On the other hand, I get responses quite often from people I contact. Why? Because I normally contact them to GIVE them something with nothing asked in return (or little asked in return). And, those people end up working with me, sometimes on an ongoing basis.

People, please have some manners. You're coming into MY inbox (or worse, my phone) wanting something from me. At least have the decency not to be pan-handling when you do it.

ooh. I'm on the soap box again….


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Debbie

    I don’t even understand why anyone would email you and ask for you to do something on your site for them, when there’s absolutely NOTHING in it for you. They’re not just asking you a question here but wanting something for nothing. I was listening to a Kristie T. interview a couple months ago and she said something similar. Some peeps would write her asking for DETAILED ADVISE about there businesses and/or want to JV with her with NOTHING proposed for her remuneration. IMHO it’s totally F-ing crazy. Just weird ! BTW I LOVE the new look of your site here! SOOO Nice!

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