Guru Envy?

This is my response to the third question in my private conversation with Kelly McCausey.

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Hey Kel.

Whew, affiliate marketing has been *very* good to both of us. Got to love those residual affiliate programs, eh? I don't know which ones you're doing well with, but here are some of my favorites –> Best residual affiliate programs (Notice that our is at the top?) 😉

As for your question, which relates to Lynn Terry’s blog post, I've got to tell you my answer may be kind of boring, but no. I haven't really suffered from Guru Envy. Mostly I just beat myself up for not being further than I am. (Don't we all do that? Even as successful as we are… it comes back to confidence all over again.) I don't know that I envy them in a bad way, but I aspire to their levels and get inspired by them. Is there a difference?

I may not be jealous, BUT I can get a little snippy. There are gurus I just don't like. Yes, there are gurus who I roll my eyes at. And, there are gurus who I think are phonies and/or snakes. (Didn't know I had it in me to be so catty, did you?) lol. But, I think that's true if you look at any selection of people.

You and I have talked about the gurus we each like. I happen to like one that you REALLY don't like. And, you have a few people you like that I'm not crazy about either. lol. That's not because we're jealous. It's because our guts (and experiences) may be telling us different things.

Here's my question for you…

Is there ONE task you just HAVE to outsource or it'll drive you crazy? I'm gonna limit this one, too, because I know you'll say “email and customer service” so it has to be something else.

I am becoming the outsourcing queen. You'll be proud of me. I have cleaning ladies that come twice a month, a neighbor kid who mows my lawn, a book keeper, and now I have a food service where I get all my meals for a week in advance. (I'm almost embarrassed to admit that one, but I'm going to blog about it soon, anyway, so might as well share.) Plus, I have writers and four awesome VAs who keep me looking good. (It's a rough job, but someone's got to do it.) 😉
So, tell me.. what kinds of tasks do you dish out to other people?

Chat with you soon, my friend!


(Keep an eye on Kelly’s blog for her reply.)

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Lynn Terry

    Hi Nicole & Kelly,

    Enjoyed the conversation here! Is there a link to how this all got started? Its great fun to read, and I’d love to hear more about it – and whether its just the two of you or you involve other bloggers as well?

    I completely agree with your response to “guru envy” too – great post here!

    ~ Lynn

  • Lynn Terry

    I found the link to the original post, by the way 😉

  • Administrator

    Hi Lynn,

    You’re welcome to join us any time. 🙂 I enjoy your work very much. Keep on being one of the “good guys”!


    PS. If anyone else is looking for that link, it’s

  • darina


    I’m luv’n these conversations ! but I do feel a bit like I’m eavesdropping on something I shouldn’t? you are both being so honest and open with the responses it’s refreshing 🙂 (I don’t mean refreshing from you guys you’re always like that LOL, I just mean in general ! )

  • Nell Taliercio


    I love the tid bit about outsourcing your food each week! I’ve thought about that in the past but it was much much too expensive for our budget at this time.

    One day I’ll be a big dog like Nik and be able to afford such things. I’m in awe of your huge success, hun. You’re an inspiration!

  • Administrator

    Me, a big dog? lol. No, I’m just little ole me.

    The food thing is awesome. I’ve even lost 6% body fat in three weeks doing it. I don’t know if I wasn’t eating enough before (so my body was storing the fat) or not often enough or what, but it’s been awesome!

    I’ll write more about it when I get a moment of inspiration. 🙂


  • Longway

    Is Twitter or Facebook better? I say both are great together. I have my blog, and my twitter account, and my facebook account all intergrated. Then I use tweetdeck. Its great.

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