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Private Conversation…What Have I Learned Most about Myself?

This is my response to the first question in my private conversation with Kelly McCausey.

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Hey Kel,

I still can't believe the last few years. I look back to when we first met during your WAHM MVP Contest. I think the nominations started in December of 2004. Wow. Has it really been that long? And, then, you invited me on your show. Remember how scared I was? You had to talk me into the interview, because I was just terrified. That interview was hilarious. I was so nervous that I giggled like crazy! I still can't believe you ever asked me back after that first interview. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After that contest ended, I joined Mom Masterminds (Feb 2005), strictly for the chance to get to know you better. (Didn't know I was a stalker, did you? lol.) Once I was in there, I was so happy to realize that you are truly as genuine as you seemed on your show. I then made it a point to keep the door open for a real friendship.

When you asked me to partner with you on Easy Article Marketing — THAT was the one thing that boosted my business the most. I'd always said I felt like I was “clawing my way up the learning curve with bloody little fingers” but that JV with you taught me SO much about how to put a product together and market it. Heck, it taught me everything. I knew a bunch about how to run an online business and market, but I'd never put together an full course before, and I'd been kind of … scared to. I look back at that project as the major turning point in my business. Plus, of course, it showed both of us that we enjoyed working together and that we agreed on the most important aspect of any JV — putting out a high quality product. And, since then, we've done more JVs together. (Oh, that reminds me… we need to finish up .) ๐Ÿ˜‰

You asked if I ever look back and wonder how I got where I am? Hmm… I pretty much know how I got here. A TON of sweat, keeping my integrity throughout my business, and developing friendships with other women with similar goals to mine. But, did I ever in a million years think I'd be working with Jimmy D. Brown? Oh, HECK NO. It's a dream job. You know I gush about him all the time. He's just the best! Talk about someone to aspire to. He's got the business smarts and he's kept his integrity throughout the years. He's just a really good guy with a big heart. I'm hoping to have dinner with him and his family next week since he'll be in the neighborhood. We missed each other last time he was in town, so we'll see if our schedules work this time or not. But, if you'd asked me even three years ago if I would be this successful today? I'd have said “I sure hope so!” but I wouldn't have bet the farm on it.

As for your question. Hmm… What have I learned most about myself in the last year? I think I've learned to look at myself differently, if that makes sense. Even back in February, when I first started working with Jimmy, I was *very* timid to give him ideas. Now, I just toss ideas out there. He says “Go” and I run with them. Also, a year ago, my goals were lower than they are now. I wanted to make a certain amount per month. Now, my goal is $20-25K/month profit after paying my helpers. I figure, why not set my goals to where I actually want them to be instead of where I think they can be? So, I guess, to answer your question, the one thing I learned about myself in the last year is that I am an expert in my field, and my time is worth more money than I was charging, and that I do have a heck of a lot to offer someone when I do consulting with them. Of course, that's kind of a moot point since I'm not taking any clients right now, but still… So, I guess it's just another level of confidence. I lacked confidence for that first interview with you. And, I still struggle with it. But, I do know now that I can charge a higher hourly rate or a high percentage of sales for my time and not bat an eye doing it because I'm worth it. I also know that I'm quite good at branding and coming up with catchy, fun sites. I'm a very good writer. I know that I'm a heck of a good marketer. And, I know that I'm an expert in several areas of Internet Marketing. (And, a year ago, I probably wouldn't have been able to type all of that with a straight face.) So, I'd say it's still that darned confidence, Kelly. You once referred to me as your “much scared friend” at the beginning of one of my first interviews. I think that “much scared” person is now holding her own. And, much of that, my friend, is due to you.

You said that I amaze you? Well, ditto, to you. I actually have a question for you that I've been wanting to ask you forever on this exact topic.

Ever since I've known you, you *always* seem so together, so confident, so sure of everything that you do. On your show, you just exude confidence. And, when you see a “wrong” in the work at home mom community, you are the first one to call it, even though you know there'll be a back-lash. It doesn't even seem to phase you to put yourself out there as a target. Are you really that confident all the time in business and in personal life? And, were you always that confident or is it something you learned over time? And, if you learned it… any tips for me? It may be an odd question, but, it's something I've always wanted to know about you.
Well, it's 6:44am and my day is now about to start. Enough time on the computer. I have to go give my kiddos and my Joe their morning kisses and wake them up.

I'll chat with you soon, girlfriend.


(Keep an eye on Kelly's blog for her reply.)

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  • Annette

    Wow, what a great post. I love both you guys and it’ll be fun to be the fly on the wall to learn more about you and your business minds as you “chit chat” about things of the heart. What a fun way to do it too.

    Thanks for baring it all ladies…keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Annette – the fly
    (I stalk you both, by the way!)

  • darina

    I’m feeling a bit like I’m peeping in the at the keyhole or with a glass to the wall LOL reading these posts.. It’s a great insight ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Arika

    awww how sweet! You are such a doll and so is Kelly. Talk about people to aspire to!

  • Sharon

    I’ve just popped into to this “conversation” and it was just the boost I needed. I “met” Kelly last spring after finding her radio show on the net (then she encouraged me to join Mom Masterminds). Through that I found LadyPens and Nicole! My online business is still new (only months old) but I am enjoying the process so much because of this network of women.

    Nicole your business growth sounds amazing…I’ll have to read more through your links.

  • Nell Taliercio

    ohhh the love fest. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You’re an inspiring lady my friend. I respect you and am in awe.

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