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Survivor Meets Internet Marketing?

This is pretty cool. If you're a huge fan of reality TV (or if you watch it like I do, despite myself) — then this is something you may really like.

I could explain it, but I'll let the creator of the show tell you about it…

When Survivor hit the airwaves in 2000, reality television was born.

When American Idol started in 2002, wanna-be singers and critics immediately took to the guilty pleasure of watching each week.

And when The Apprentice debuted in 2004, ratings soared and the world tuned in to see Trump say “You're Fired”.

Now, there is a new reality show that is about the become the newest hit and sensation.

But this show is different than the rest for several reasons…

… It's not on a major network
… It is all about Internet marketing
… And it is the WORLD'S FIRST competitive Internet reality show!

It's called…

–> “The Next Internet Millionaire” < —

Honestly, you have GOT to go see this video and the website right away. The show premiers on August 15th. I'm looking forward to it and I think you are going to enjoy it as well.

Click this link now and you'll see what I mean!

Enjoy the show… It's going to be great!


PS. A quick reminder about the Direct Sellers Blast I told you about here's the scoop.

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