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Guest Blogging: Does it Work for Service Providers?

It's time for another installment in my latest Cross-Blog Conversation.

If you're new, you can catch up here:  Cross-blog conversation with Trish Lindemood.

In the opening discussion, I mentioned that Trish is a very talented writer and I was immediately impressed with her. Well, I continue to be impressed with her as I get to know her better. Her reply to my question was very much in line with my opinion – so she MUST be smart! 😉

If you missed her second post in our cross blog conversation, here it is:  Cross Blog Conversation Continues

Here's my response to Trish's second set of questions:

Hi Trish,

Before I say anything else, I want you to know that I LOVE your response to my question about why you, a highly skilled copywriter, would support the use of PLR articles when it's looked down upon by so many others in your profession.

You made an excellent distinction between your own online business and the work that you do for clients.  Very nicely stated. And, yes, I certainly never would encourage a copywriter or ghostwriter to pass off PLR content as their own writing on a job for a client, ever.

In your response to me, you asked this:

I’ve been looking at your Blog World Tour program for a while now and am planning to buy it after the 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge concludes. In fact, I’m thinking about “packing my bags and heading out” on such a tour after NAMS 3 in January – but was wondering if this approach would work better for someone who already has an information product to promote?

As the creator of this very cool concept, do you feel  this plan would be beneficial to someone who doesn’t have their own info products to promote?

I've got a few thoughts that I'd like to share regarding your question.

First of all, Guest Blogging can be done by anyone in online business, at any time.

Becoming a Guest Expert on a related blog is ALWAYS a good thing to do. Anytime you can get your message in front of potential customers and get exposure and attention as an authority – do it. 🙂 So, yes.

I know your business has a few different areas so I'll see if I can hit them all.

From what I've seen so far, you are a –

  • Copywriter.
  • SEO Expert.
  • Affiliate Marketer.
  • Blogger.
  • Newsletter Publisher.

And, I'm sure I'm missing a few areas of your business.

Every single one of those areas can benefit from Guest Blogging, which is what the Blog Tour Guide is *really* about. Yes, having an affiliate program can give you an extra “in” with the blog owner, but just offering valuable content can also get you in the door with many very popular sites that are looking for regular columnists.

So, my answer is “YES” – find a few blogs and get the word out about your business. (Of course, my Blog Tour Guide will help!)

I'd like to ask you another question if that's ok.

I've been participating in a discussion about ethics on another site (which I'll post about in a few days) but one major takeaway for me is that it is not only my goal, but it's my duty to help Online Business Owners to invest their money wisely – especially now when money is tight for so many.

I know that you're a member of online at Lynn Terry’s Elite Mastermind Group. (Since I chat with you in there.)

And, you've mentioned that you'll be attending the NAMS Conference in Atlanta in January – which is awesome, too.

So, tell me. What made you choose to invest in those things? And, do you feel they've benefited you? In what ways?


Looking forward to your reply.


PS. Be sure to check Trish's blog: Web Copy Results for her response.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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