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What’s the Point of Posting Weird Niches?

I received a great comment the other day and it got me thinking that you may be wondering the same thing.

vicque Says: November 23rd, 2009 at 8:20 am
Let me preface this note by saying I used to think there was no such thing as a dumb question -and then I taught high school English for a few years and realized that is not true! With that said, here’s my comment/question…

I am a T-O-T-A-L newbie to this whole world of niche marketing, web site marketing, and SEO keyword-rich writing – so when you write to do the niche search and blog about a product that maybe not that many people have already written about (so that you can get a high ranking on it when people search for it on google,right?) – the whole point is that…because of your high ranking, more people then go to your blog, read it, and click the link to the actual product, buy it, and hence… affiliate marketing?

Is that the process?

Post Script: This is also my first time on your web site! Though I somehow found a link to your interview with Lynn Terry a few days ago and enjoyed it very much!

Twitter: NicoleDean
Reply: November 23rd, 2009 at 3:07 pm
Hi Vicque-

You want to know if I have a method to my madness? 😉

My marketing strategy.

My strategy is this.

– Generate Buzz marketing (people love the goofy posts and pass them around like crazy)

– Relationship building and Branding (again, being me and getting people to know me and remember me)

– Occasional promotions in the posts like to the at the end.

– The opportunity to analyze other business models and critique websites with my readers.

I make occasional sales of the products mentioned through affiliate links, but the posts are more for generating fans than sales. You'd probably think it odd, but when I showed up at the NAMS Workshop in Atlanta you'd be amazed how many people said “You're THAT Nicole Dean – the Weird Niche lady!” So, I guess it's working. lol!

You asked about my SEO strategy?

Well, for Weird Niche Wednesday, obviously I do not get highly targeted traffic from the search engines. My target audience for my blog is internet marketers, and people who want to make money online.

So, when people find me through bizarre terms like “bird diapers”, it doesn't make sense, right?

In fact, here are some actual keyword terms from my traffic stats for this month:

So, no, I don't expect someone who searches Google for any of those terms to come and find me and be a perfect fit.

However,  I do know that I get hollered at on Twitter if I miss posting my Weird Niche posts on Wednesdays, so my fans have spoken. 🙂

I hope that makes more sense.

Hope that helps!
Nicole Dean


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  • Traci Knoppe

    Hi Nicole – I have a confession to make, at one point, I was working a niche so I could become the ‘Go to Queen of all things Dwarf Nigerian Goats’. Yes, it’s true! 😛 So I’ve had my own personal experience with weird niches.

    All that to say, I guess what’s weird for one person, isn’t for another.

    I love your Weird Niche Wednesday posts. It reminds me of all the entrepreneurial folks there are in the world who will take an idea or passion and run with it.

    I’m sure when Edison was trying to create a working light bulb – folks thought he was weird too. 😉 Now I’m an affiliate for a light bulb company. Go figure!

    Have a great day!

  • The Mom (Patti)

    You would think that Nicole would figure out a special niche for my website, being I’m her only mother and all… but, no.

    She’s been forcing me to examine my innermost desires and wishes, and come up with my own answer to my niche-less website, which is still sort of niche-less, but fun nonetheless. The whole “baby boomer” thing is way over used and way too vague, so Nicole has been gently directing me (more like kicking my butt) to get me to find my niche. This process has been going on for over a year now and she still has maintained her patience with me.

    Anyway, I guess I’m saying this whole niche idea takes time to develop and figure out. At least it does for me!

    I, also, would rather have a rag-tag group of faithful, dedicated followers who spread the word about my goofy website than try to direct hordes of people to my site via non-nichey key search words, although a little of that’s nice, too. 😀

    And, I agree with Nicole – being known as “THAT Nicole Dean” has to be a lot more satisfying than all the Google hits in the world! Thanks for the laughs honey!

  • Collette Schultz

    What a brilliant idea! It really does create the buzz. I’m really glad you’re explaining yourself because I have to admit I kind of wondered what they heck it was all about.

    Watch me on twitter I have a similar idea but may need your help to get it off it’s feet. PLEASE!!!


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