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Creating A Successful Affiliate Program

Do you want to create an affiliate program?

Here are the tools I recommend to get started:

Tools for Running Your Affiliate Program:

Clickbank – Clickbank's Publisher Program. (This is the easiest option.)

Note: Easy Click Mate – If you use clickbank, this is a really great tool to create an affiliate center. – An affordable shopping cart for digital (downloadable products) if you'd prefer to have something more flexible than clickbank (or have more control).

Tools for Keeping in Touch with Affiliates: – An online autoresponder to communicate with your affiliates (customers, leads, etc.).

Send Out Cards – An “offline autoresponder” that allows you to send real greeting cards in the mail to your affiliates (even with gift cards if you'd like). This is great for contests, rewards, or just a “we appreciate you” email to your top affiliates.

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  • Angela Wills

    Nicole that was a rockin Hot Seminar Series tonight! After it I spent over an hour working on my new affiliate program and I think it’s coming along nicely.

    Thanks so much for sharing all the resources. I never knew I’d get so excited about affiliate programs before. 🙂

    Angela Wills

  • Administrator

    Thank you, Angela. I’ve had clients say “You are the ONLY person I’ve ever known to get so excited about an AFFILIATE PROGRAM!” lol.

    It may be weird, but I love it!

    Proud of you for acting on the info. That’s the most important thing, as you know. 🙂

  • Annette

    You did such a fabulous job at the HSS Nicole. Such great information and it gave me a boost to do the next step in my “affiliate” communication. Thanks!


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