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The Four Hour WorkWeek Review by Timothy Ferriss

I've gotta tell you… this book is just flippin' amazing! Seriously.

This guy, Timothy Ferris (the author) is 29 years old and has accomplished the following things in his life:

  • Princeton University guest lecturer in High-Tech Entrepreneurship and Electrical Engineering
  • Cage fighter in Japan, vanquisher of four world champions (MMA)
  • First American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango
  • Advisor to more than 30 world record holders in professional and Olympic sports
  • National Chinese kickboxing champion
  • Glycemic Index (GI) researcher Political asylum researcher and activist
  • MTV breakdancer in Taiwan
  • Hurling competitor in Ireland
  • Actor on hit TV series in mainland China and Hong Kong

I've got a few years on him, and my credentials are a bit less impressive. 😉 Sure, I've been to Mexico, stayed with a family there, and climbed pyramids. Sure, I've walked a marathon. Sure, I've lived in three states and my home is now only 10 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. I walked by a rattlesnake the other day. I had a shark swim right by me a few years ago. I've swam across lakes and slept in a canoe. I've been on Mt. Hood, seen Mt. St. Helens, gazed in wonder at Mt. Rushmore, stood under a thunderous waterfall in Oregon, and taken a sunset sailboat ride on Lake Michigan. Yeah, I get pooped on by birds more than your average person, but… that's nuthin'! I want MORE adventures (and less bird poop)!

timothy ferriss - four hour work week book cover

Anyway, I must say that reading this book has been one of those life-altering moments in my life. And, the author, Timothy Ferriss, has a great website where you can actually take a sneak peek into some of the content. Here it is –>

Because of this book, I'm actually putting steps into place now to travel more, and do the things that I truly have dreamed of.

One question in the book asked (and I'm going to paraphrase since I don't have it in front of me), but the question was “If money was no option — what would you DO with your time? If you didn't have to work, and you didn't have to worry about the bills… what would you do?”

My answer was travel. I want to swim off the coast of Italy. I want to see the world with my family.

What's your answer? 🙂

Please let me know what you are working towards.

And, I do hope you'll check out the link above. It just might change your life, as well.


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kristie Tamsevicius


    Yeah, sometimes we get so busy working to be successful, we forget to ask ourselves, “what do I really want?”
    If you are working to make a better life for yourself and your kids, you need to make sure you are taking time to enjoy that. Easier said than done. I got caught up in the trap. Now I am finally making time to enjoy life. I am taking a painting class this summer and a pottery class this fall. I just started going out on dates with my husband. And we are making more time to enjoy each other as a family.

  • Annette

    Hmmmm… gotta agree with Kristie there and I also see that to be the trend among “successful” work at home moms… they work like dogs to get and keep that success. I’ll have to check out this book :-).


  • Becky

    I have read his book and it is a real eye opener. I have started a home business and I was just happy to be at home but to know that you can have a home business and still make time for the things you care about, traveling and spending time with family being #1 in my book, well I got excited. I have started a travel business to help me get where I am going. I will be able to make money and also receive discounted travel, the best of both worlds. My kids are excited!


  • nell

    I refuse to work like a dog to reach the success I deserve. I’ve held true to that and have never become one of those work at home moms that spends 10 or more hours a day working.

    That isn’t success to me. Succes to me is being able to take the kids to the zoo, take a vacation anytime I want, travel, or just be lazy and take a day off if I want.

    Could I have more money right now had I worked my butt off everyday like some WAHMS I know? Oh, I’m sure. But it would have come at a high price. And that price would be my dreams and my family.

    No thank you.

    So, I’ll settle for a slower growth working few hours.

    Nik, you have done a lot of things I never had a clue you had done! Much more interesting of a person than I am. lol

  • Rick


    Thanks for your review. I, too, have read the book and because of it, I decided to quit my job. Tomorrow is my last day. I had asked my boss for a leave of absence and talked about a part-time job at my company but at the end of the day, my company wouldn’t make the compromise. Therefore, I’m going to enjoy life at home for a while (and am financially in a position to do so). My brother in-law died last year so I’m going to concentrate on doing some things for my wife and her mother. As we learned last year, a long life is not guaranteed so enjoy it NOW, TODAY, not sometime in the distant future when your kids are grown up and only remember you as a workaholic.

    Now if I can only find a lucrative home business that’ll keep me away from the “desk jockey” life…


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