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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Nope. It's not a work anniversary, although my first site, ShowMomtheMoney, was created in June several years ago. 🙂

It's my 12th wedding anniversary. I think I mentioned two years ago that we renewed our vows for our 10th anniversary. I'd love to do it every year. In fact, maybe I'll grab those vows and say them to him just for the fun of it.

Considering that many of my friends are going through painful divorces right now, I'm extremely thankful to have my hubby as my best friend I could ever image — even when he's a pain in the butt (aren't they all?). 😉

I created a website a few years ago to store ideas for my own marriage.
Romance Tips for a Happy Marriage — you're welcome to stop by any time for ideas, or post your suggestions for a happy marriage below.

Have a wonderful week!


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