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Looking for Direct Sellers for a new Book

My friend, Kristie T just sent me this info. I know many of my readers are in Direct Sales, so I hope you take advantage of this free exposure for your business. 🙂
She said…


Please send me your best selling stories about

– specific products you sell
– why you joined the company
– customer testimonials about products
– your business opportunity
– why you are a top director and recruits should join your team
– stories you tell yourself about your future success
– what sets your company apart from the competition
– your overcoming obstacles stories for motivating team members when they are down
– any other stories you use in your business – use your imagination

This is an AWESOME chance to get wide exposure for your direct selling business. So tell me your best stories and send them to


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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