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Motivational Monday: Keys to Success in Online Business

Last week during Tropical Storm Ida, I did some thinking.

While I was up listening to the wind gusts, I grabbed a notebook and doodled. Usually that helps me to think and focus. While I was doodling, I realized that there are only 46 days left in 2009. So, I asked myself “Have I reached my goals for this year?” Whew. That got me doodling even faster!

So, I'll ask you the same question. Have you reached your goals for this year?

If so, congrats!

If not, why not?

-> Was it fear that held you back?

-> Self-doubt that led to feeling overwhelmed and confused about which actions to take?

-> Lack of confidence that you really can do this?

-> Doubt about whether this “Online thing” really works or not?

-> Self-sabotage and avoidance. You can't actually complete something, because you just might fall on your face?

Hey, I am the QUEEN of self-doubt. It doesn't matter how many successes that I have. I continue to battle it on a daily basis.

I may have told you this before, but I have two index cards taped to my computer desk. They read:

“Is this the best, most profitable activity that I could be doing at this very moment?”
“Is this bringing me closer to my financial and lifestyle goals?”

I look at those two cards all day long. My income feeds my family of 4, plus helps 15 contractors to keep a roof over their heads – including my own mother. I don't have the luxury of avoiding my fears, not even when I really really would rather crawl back into bed and avoid taking chances and putting myself out there.

Avoidance FEELS safe, but it will keep you from taking chances, which will keep you from the rewards that come with having your own business.

So, would you like a pep talk? 🙂 I've found a new Marketing Teacher who I really resonate with. I love his style and he offers bunches of fabulous free content. His mailing list is one that I actually look forward to receiving. (GASP!)
Today I'd like to share with you one free video that he offers which is called “BELIEVE in YOURSELF 2009”.

Here's the link: Believe in Yourself!

There's nothing to sign up for to watch it, although, he does make a pretty amazing offer to access more of his info that I'm drooling over and will probably sign up for in the next few days.

If you find yourself standing in your own way, blocking your path to success, oftentimes that has everything to do with being afraid.

If you have half-written articles on your hard-drive that you're afraid to submit, unused PLR that you don't know what to do with, sites that you KNOW can succeed if you'd only take action, a list of potential JV partners that you're afraid of contacting, go have a listen to this video. I think it's one that you'll enjoy.

Here's the link: Believe in Yourself!

Nicole Dean

PS. I love the part in the video where he talks about trying to discuss his online dreams with his family and friends. Ever feel like you have three eyes and a horn sticking out of your head when you try to share your business dreams with loved ones? Me, too. You'll really relate to that section of the video. 😉 I did.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    That was an awesome audio to listen to – thanks for sharing it, Nicole! And I love his accent as he says, “If you don’t believe…”

    Great message!!

  • Stephen Chua

    Great video. I know how it feel to talk internet marketing stuffs to close friends and family members. Can be pretty frustrating when they keep telling me to get a real job.

    I think the only way to convince them is to show them the income proof. And I working on it now. 🙂

  • Life Change For You

    Excellent! I had to get my British ears on, but he has some good stuff to say!

  • Mary Lutz

    I love the point he makes when he says, “If you don’t believe in yourself, how the heck do you think others are going to believe in you?”

  • Deborah Richmond

    It’s nice to know you to have self doubt. You seem to be doing a very nice job of obtaining success, so it makes me feel better to know even you have doubts. I know we all do, but it’s easy to think it’s just me sometimes. But I know I’m working at this and I’m not giving up. It’s the patience part I’m not good at.

  • Vicky

    Thanx, Nicole!

    Your Motivational Monday posts are one of the main things which makes me leave my bed and sit in front of the computer on Monday.

    I am on my first steps to Affiliate Marketing and I really need motivation to go further and not to give up, so your Motivational posts really give me needed energy supply 🙂

    Thank you again!
    Best wishes,

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