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Happy Monday!

Last week, I told you about Affiliate Niche Packs from my friend, Susanne Myers. If you missed that announcement,
you can catch up here: Affiliate Niche Research Packs.

She's doing the research to uncover profitable niches and provide you with all the research you'll need to proceed and make money in that niche. You still have to do the work – or hand the packet to your ghostwriter and have him/her do it for you, but she's got it all laid out for you as far as keywords, article/blog titles, and a monetization plan.

Speaking of keywords and search engine optimization, you'll love this. If you've been around SEO very long you must have heard of these guys … Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde … because they have done more to advance and teach SEO than pretty much anyone else out there.

I've been following their stuff for a long time myself, and have had the pleasure of meeting them both in person.(Although I only have a picture of me with Dan, so you'll have to trust me that I met Leslie, too.) 🙂


That's me with Warren Whitlock (left) and Dan Thies (right).

Dan & Leslie are great guys (kind of like SEO knights in shining armor) and have always given me information that has helped my SEO significantly. I trust their information implicitly.

Problem is, they have both been “underground” for a couple years so neither of them was making their newest stuff public. Until now.

About a month ago they finally joined forces and are about to give away some of their newest research and teaching. Here's a link to an intro video that will tell you what's coming next.

Get Free SEO Video Training from Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde Here.

Be sure to sign up for updates if you like what you see, so you get more videos as they go live. I sure am!

Thanks as always for putting your trust in me.

Nicole Dean

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