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Mom’s Head to Toe List – Five Things to Do Before Summer

Summer is here. Are you prepared? If you’re like me, it snuck up way too fast. I’ll share with you my checklist for Summer Preparation.

  1. Exercise – Ladies, there’s nowhere to hide it anymore. The big, bad cellulite fairy visited during the winter again. Or does cellulite reproduce when it’s cold? Either way, get out your walking shoes and hit the streets. Or grab an exercise video and shake it until it melts off. Looking for a fun exercise video?
  2. Pluck those eyebrows. – You might have been able to hide your eyebrows during the winter, but the bright sunlight will show every little straggler. There’s nothing worse than looking like Bert in a bikini!
  3. Swimsuit Shopping – Although most women would rather have a root canal than go swimsuit shopping, it is a necessary evil. If your options are to go swimsuit shopping or to run around the pool in a worn, see-through swimsuit – please drag yourself to the store! I’ll be the one hiding in the stall next to you, laughing like a hyena as I try on yet another swimsuit over my undergarments and try to figure out what exactly I’m looking at.
  4. Body Hair – Let’s face it. Winter is not the time we are most diligent about keeping up with shaving or waxing. But, now everyone and their brother is going to know whether you’ve shaved recently or not. If you’re dreading another year of shaving, check out the semi-permanent laser hair removal.
  5. Feet – Eew! Those scratchy, rough, lizardy-feet need to go away now. Buff them or grab a power sander, but get them looking like skin again before sandal season. Once you’ve got them looking like people-feet instead of hobbit feet, then dust off a bottle of toenail polish, grab a toe-ring, and make them pretty.

Now you’re ready for swimsuit season. Grab a little drink umbrella, drop it into your diet Coke and have a great summer!

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