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Motivational Monday: Get More Done by Making Work Fun!

Are you making work fun?

Check this out this video. It shows that people stop avoiding effort when a task is make more fun:

As you'll see in the video, people start taking the stairs when the steps are made to look (and sound) like piano keys.

Nothing else changed. The people aren't given money or bribed. They are still presented with two options – stairs or escalator – yet the stairs are chosen more often, even though they obviously still require more effort than the escalator does.

Let's apply this to life and business.

As a parent, you may remember the song “Clean up, Clean up, everybody do your share. Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere.” It makes cleanup more fun.

Humming the ABC's twice when you're brushing your teeth helps the time fly and lets you know when your time is up.

What about work? What can you do in your business to make work FUN?

Please add your suggestions, and I'll add mine, too.

1. Make your office environment a place that you like being. For awhile my desk was in a really dark room in the house and I found myself dreading walking to my desk. Now, I have a great room with a big window. I have hilarious “Demotivators” on my wall, an 8 foot by 6 foot whiteboard behind me, and I have a variety of other bizarre things in here that make me smile.

2. I've ONLY chosen to work with people who make me laugh – or at least smile, a lot. I'd previously taken clients who were not fun, and I grew to hate doing the work. That's when I realized that I was creating a job, rather than the lifestyle that I dreamed of. Adios to them. 🙂

3. I try to include humor in my day to day work whenever possible. Weird Niche Wednesdays is obviously one of those attempts. My Online Success Podcast is full of laughter. Heck, even if it makes you groan instead of laugh – if you keep coming back, then it does its trick because I want my “peeps” to be those with a sense of humor. Life's got too many actually “serious” moments. Work can not be one for me.

4. My helpers are strongly encouraged (actually PUSHED) to communicate their favorite activities (and more importantly, their least favorite). I do not want to give a creative person the job of researching for me any more than I want to stress out a very analytical person by giving him/her a highly creative job. I want them to be doing tasks that they find FUN!

5. Along the same lines – I avoid certain tasks like the plague. If it's tedius, I outsource it. If it's tedius and I can't outsource it (yet) – then I play loud music while I do it. 🙂

6. My mentors. I have made the mistake of buying products from people who I either didn't respect, or who were dry and not very fun to listen to. What do you think those DVDs are doing now? I can give you a hint. They're getting dusted weekly — and that's about it. Now I choose to learn from people who I respect AND who I am entertained by. And, I strive to offer both to you – with my new Blog Tour Guide. Hope it's both interesting and informative.

Throw your “How to Make Work More Fun” ideas at me. I want them!

Smile. It's just internet marketing, guys. We're allowed to have fun. Really!

((hugs)) and thanks for reading.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Mary Lutz

    What a great idea! I too want to enjoy my work and have fun while working. I really need to get my office space in order. Right now, I sit on the loveseat in my living room, and while it’s nice to be able to do that with my laptop and all, I do need an actual office…but one with a nice view, and that’s fun to work in! Thanks Nicole for the great tips.

    Oh,here’s my addition: Get the icky stuff out of the way first. There will probably always be something you have to do that you just don’t like, so do it first, and save the best for last!

  • Deb Lamb

    Hi Nicole,
    I totally agree! Life is entirely too short NOT to enjoy it. We only have one chance, one go-around, one opportunity to be here on earth….we HAVE to make the BEST of it!

    My tip: Do not take on clients that don’t suit you or your business model just because you need the money. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done this and have regretted it every..single..time!!

    Although I needed the money, it taught me something very valuable…don’t settle and don’t sell your soul, so to speak.

    It will make you miserable and like you said, we end up creating a “job” rather than a lifestyle! Most of us work from home and run our own businesses because we enjoy the lifestyle. Remember WHY you went into business…flexibility, family and FUN!! I’m the first one to have FUN and hope the rest of you are too! Whatever it takes, make it FUN and enjoyable!!

    Thanks Nicole, keep up the good work dear. I always enjoy reading your posts.


  • The Mom

    Aren’t we humans crazy?! What does it take to motivate us to do something good for ourselves?! It’s all about instant gratification, eh?

    You taught me that exercise has to be fun or we’ll avoid it at all cost. Who laughs more than us when we’re rolling around on our floor ball, using cans of baked beans for dumbbells, and doing a Computer Butt challenge like “who’s the squattiest”?!

    Thanks for the Monday Motivational laugh!

  • Stephanie

    Funny you wrote that post. As usual you’re very timely.

    The other day I was thinking about just this very thing. It finally dawned on me that if I wasn’t choosy about my clients, I was just creating a job for myself and not the “LIFESTYLE” that I want. You’re so right!

    In this new lifestyle I want to be able to be with my kids at the dinner table each night. I want to cook nice meals for them, and I want to never miss out on any important events.

    I told my husband “I just want to be happy” and now I am because I’ve learned to have fun. I love the video thanks for posting that, it proves the point that work (exercise) doesn’t have to completely suck.



  • Alex

    Love the video Nicole and I want to visit those stairs myself..I wonder if the stairs company has an affiliate program?


    And then just how can we have more fun in the make money online niche?

    for sure some of that is outsourcing but maybe if you have to outsource a whole load of stuff we’re not following a business model that suits us?

    • Nicole Dean

      That’s a GREAT point, Alex.

      “if you have to outsource a whole load of stuff we’re not following a business model that suits us?” – Love it!

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