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Computer Butt Check-in: FAQ Building Muscle in Women

Computer Butt Challenge Graduates and Newbies, here's what's new! This is Week Six of the Home Office Workout Challenge. (<โ€“ Join us. We're getting RESULTS!) Here's your weekly update. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please come back several times this week to let us know how you're doing! In the meantime, here's an update from Scott with a frequently asked question about Gaining Muscle.

Hey Nik,

I just received a common question that I get from women in my support community and thought that it may be of interest to your readers. Here it is with my response…

I'm wondering about something. As I watch the FLQ videos and do the exercises, I can't help but feel they're directed for men. I don't think it's just that a guy is teaching. I wonder because I'm instructed to use the heaviest weights I can tolerate and still do 8-10 of the exercise.

I don't want bulk. Yes I want to develop muscles Perhaps because we're only exercising 10 minutes at a time, using heavier weights is ok.

Scott – I'm coachable…what are your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.


Here's my response….

ah… this is the most common question I get from women and their biggest concern.

This program is more dedicated to women than men actually. First of all, 95% of all my personal training clients during the past 11 years have been women. I have developed highly effective fat burning programs for women age 18-89.

Women have had it drilled into their heads that they should be doing light weights for reps of 15 or higher…. and they wonder why they don't get results.

My wife was the same. But after convincing Angie and all my other female clients to increase the weight and decrease the reps that's when they experienced the best fat burning results and their body became shaped the way they want it.

Take a look at my wife's pictures… she is far from bulky, yet she lifts 25, 30… pounds.

Research has proven that the 8-10 rep range is actually best for burning fat. It's definitely been the case with my clients over the past decade plus. It has the best metabolic effect on your body, not to mention that it's an effective strategy for keeping the workouts short yet effective.

One of the biggest things holding women back from success is that they don't progress. They're afraid to increase the weight because they don't want to get bulky.

I've got news for you… Chances are, you CAN'T get bulky. I've only come across a dozen women who do get bulky (at first) and then they lean down after a couple months. They have more testosterone in their bloodstream than many other women and that's why they bulk up a bit at first… and we're not talking big bodybuilder kind of bulk. It's just that they put on muscle first before the fat starts to come off.

Unless you are injecting yourself with steroids, you won't be bulking up. I honestly wish it was as easy to bulk up as many women think it is. It's a lot of hard work, a lot of great eating, and the right amount of rest. It's very hard to put on muscle. Much more difficult than it is to lose fat.

I really appreciate you bringing up this question, because it's probably going through a lot of women's minds. It's important that you challenge yourself and progressively increase the weights.

I hope that puts your mind at ease and I hope that encourages you to increase the weight and decrease the reps and push yourself harder. I want to see you achieve the best possible results. Go for it!

You ROCK! Enjoy the experience,

Scott Tousignant, Fat Loss Quickie: Lose Fat in 10 Minutes/Day

Now, pretty please come back several times/week so that I know you're keeping up. Plus, I'll miss you guys and will hunt you down on Twitter if you don't. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, do. Don't forget those goals you set a few weeks ago. This is not the end. It is just the beginning of a healthier, happier, more profitably YOU!


When you're ready to join the Fat Loss Quickie program, click on the graphic below. Itโ€™s only $20 for all of your quickie workout videos, a personal trainer who you can ask questions here, plus my awesome community of kick-butt marketers sweating with you and cheering you on.

((hugs)) to all. Nicole Note: You can follow all posts by keeping an eye on the Computer Butt category to the right.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • The Mom

    Hi Computer Butts! OH! I’m in for month 2, in case you didn’t already know that. I am getting great results, considering I’m eating like I’ve just plowed the back 40!

    The exercises are going a bit easier, meaning I can actually stay on the floor ball now without rolling around knocking over the cat’s food dishes. So, that’s good.

    I’ve increased my weights a bit and love how it feels, especially all the upper body and back exercises. And, using weights is so important to women in the 50’s! So, this plan has been perfect for me. Thanks Nicole and Scott. I’ll check in again to let you know how this month is going.

  • Nicole

    “Plowed the back 40” — oh, mom! Considering we used to have a back 40… too funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Monday cardio & workout done! woo hoo!

    One day down. ๐Ÿ™‚

    How’s everyone else doing?

  • Kevin "Mr Ebay" Johnson

    Great! Forgot to check in yesterday! Did my workout and cardio for Monday and Tuesday Month 2!!! Monday was awesome! Earn $2500 for a one hour interview!

  • Kevin "Mr Ebay" Johnson

    Did all my quickie workouts and cardio sessions for the week…also added 1 step aerobics class at the gym Thursday….Everybody have a great weekend

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