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Online Success Cast #17: Raven Blair-Davis

onlinesuccesscast-smWelcome to another episode of the Online Business Success Cast.

This week, I have Raven Blair-Davis, with me.

The audio recording of our interview is at the end of this blog post. Just look for the “play” button and listen. It’s free!

Here's more about Raven Blair-Davis so you can see why I think she's cool:

Raven Blair Davis – is the Founder, and host of the popular Women Power Talk Radio Network!

raven blair-davisRaven aka Talk Show Maven, is all about empowering others in living their true passion, and going for their greatness by unleashing that unstoppable power within them. Each week on her radio shows/podcast she bring to her audience inspiring messages, strategies and formulas for success from speakers, coaches authors, visionaries and great life and business leaders to assist her listeners in truly turning their dreams into reality. Raven Blair Davis has over 25 years of communications skills, tele-sales/telemarketing, customer service and management.

She host two Internet radio shows and podcast as well as air live on 1320 WARL AM radio an is the author of Kitchen Table Radio – Home Study Course, How To Produce, Post and Profit from Your Own Radio Show.”

For two years in a row Raven's popular Women Power Talk Radio network was named one of Anita Campbell's Business's Trends, Top 100 Business podcast.  Also in 2008 Raven was named Universal 7 Radio network- Talk Show Host of the year for her Careers From The Kitchen Table business show that airing weekly on 1320 WARL AM. This show also airs on 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas.

Some of the previous guest Raven has had the pleasure of interviewing powerful business owners, recording artists and celebrities, like: Montel Williams Grammy award winning TV talk show host, Les Brown “The Motivator” – International speaker, Victoria Rowell – Actress (Formerly on Young & The Restless) as well as Acclaimed Actress and one of the first female sports commentators Jayne Kennedy, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield- Creators Of The famous Chicken Soup From The Soul books and phenomenon- Wally Amos founder and creator of Famous Amos Cookies – and many, many others.


“Must Have” Online Business Tools Recommended by Raven:

Takeaway Success Points from this Interview

  • Stop Giving so much!
  • Don't be a quitter.
  • Ask to Get.
  • Speak from the heart.
  • Create a win-win. Barter for what you need.

Be sure to post your comments below. I'd love to hear what you learned and will apply from this interview.

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