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Weird Niche: Day Clocks

For the person who has everything, but has no idea what day of the week it is —

day clock
Day Clocks

Now, my mom, who is the mastermind behind Remarkable Wrinklies may have a good market for this, as I'd imagine that many retired people don't need to keep tabs as closely on which day of the week it might be, compared to someone who is running kids around to different activities on a daily basis.

So, tapping into the ‘elder' market is one use for this product.

However, I think it's even cooler for vacation rentals. If I rent a cabin in the mountains for the week as I've been known to do, I tend to lose track of the date. So, while a calendar is helpful to some extent — I can see having one of these Day Clocks on the wall as a real boon — in the boonies. 😉

I can see laying in a bungalow on the beach – this day clock idea could come in handy, so you don't forget which day to catch your flight home!

Lessons to be learned from the Day Clock? Thoughts? Would love to hear them!



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  • Lisa Marie Mary

    That I must pay attention to you for laser focusing on just who your target market really is!! You’re brilliant – I don’t think I would have though of that. But marketing these to vacation lodges/cabins/rentals, etc would be awesome!!

    You’re so smart!

  • Susanne Myers

    I need one of these… I’m always either a day ahead or a day behind. If it wasn’t for my daughter (since she’s in school), I’d be totally clueless.

    Lessons learned from this nice – You can take something very common (in this case a clock) and reinvent it / give it a slightly different purpose just by either focusing in or going wider. I can see this working in all kinds of niches.

    For example, there’s the Blog Hosting Market (I’m looking at your reliable webs ad… love those guys). It would be pretty easy to focus on a tighter market and create a hosting company that specializes in blogs for real estate professionals for example.

  • The Mom

    Oh, you nailed it again, Nicole! That day clock would be invaluable to people “of a certain age.” Actually, there most likely is a market for a month clock and year clock, too. 😉

    I love the vacation use… I mean, really. How many times have you been on a vacation and you turned to your fellow vacationers and said “What day is it anyway?” and everyone just looks puzzled. Hey, problem solved! Good idea, Nicole. 😉

  • Arika

    I’m with Susanne…if it wasn’t for the kids being in school I wouldn’t know what time it was either!

    You know a breakfast, lunch and dinner clock might be kinda nice too for online biz owners too! 😉

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