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Day 16: Quick Home Office Fitness Challenge

Today is Day 16 of the Get Fit and Healthy & Lose your Computer Butt Challenge. (<– If you’re just discovering the challenge, we'd love to have you join us. We’ll be repeating the same series of exercises this month, so you can jump right in.)

HOLY SMOKES! I have an awesome awesome announcement. (And, you thought the Squatty Challenge was a surprise…)

Scott and I have been brainstorming about the fact that so many of us doing this Computer Butt Challenge are using the NAMS Workshop in January as our goal date. If you're going to the workshop, you want to look and feel better by then, as well as be more focused in the coming weeks so that you're making more money in your business by that time, too.

Well, like I said, Scott and I have been thinking, and we thought it would be really cool to do a few things that will…

  • Make the NAMS goal a little more enticing.
  • Help you to stick with the FLQ program through the holidays.
  • Help you stick with the FLQ program even on days when you don't want to.
  • Eat healthier during the holidays.
  • Reach your goals – remember those ones I've been making you post? Your health, life, and business goals?

First part – The FLQ Transformation Contest begins on September 21st. One of the grand prizes is a ticket to NAMS 3. How's that for incentive?

If you think that's good, you really should check out all the prizes that Scott is giving away here…

Check it all out here!

Second part – If you'd like to make yourself truly accountable and increase your odds of reaching your goals significantly, I'm going to raise the stakes. Send a “before” picture of yourself to Scott via email this week. Preferrably a full body shot.

At NAMS, Scott will go on stage and call all of us up (me included) with our “before” picture behind us to show how effective his program is when followed. 🙂  We'll be giving back to him — and the big thing is that we'll be REALLY motivated every day until them to do our quickies so we look goooooood by that date.

Now, of course, if something happens and you truly don't want your picture up when you're at NAMS, then Scott will respect that. And, you do not have to participate. I'm just doing it mainly to hold MYSELF accountable and to give back to Scott. Although, I may be tempted to call a few of you big chickens if you don't turn in your photos…. 😉

Now here's something really cool… Scott raised the stakes another notch.

The third part is this…

Actually, I'll let Scott explain:

I will have a special prize for those that follow through with the contest and show up at NAMS as well…

I'm going to take the top 10 contestants from the FLQ contest who achieved the best fitness, business, life transformation during the FLQ contest and the additional month leading up to NAMS 3, put their names in a hat and draw one name.

The winning name picked out of the hat will win a $500 cash prize. But they have to be at the NAMS 3 event.

It'll be great to have you all on stage with me and give the winner $500 cash in front of everyone there.

Don't forget to post your updates so I don't have to track you down on Twitter!

If you’re reading this and would like to do the Fat Loss Quickie program and join in the fun, click on the graphic below. It’s only $20 for all of your quickie workout videos, a personal trainer who you can ask questions here, plus my awesome community of kick-butt marketers sweating with you and cheering you on.

Let’s find 10 minutes every day to get healthier so we can enjoy the LIFESTYLE that we’re working towards.

((hugs)) to all.

PS. If you haven’t listened to my interview with Scott Tousignant yet, here it is: Fat Loss Quickie: How to Achieve Success in your Online Business

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  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Wow! What a great idea!! I totally love it!! Today’s not the best day, though. I’ll try to get Sammie to get a pic of me tomorrow.

    Mark’s Granny had a heart attack. We’re gonna go see her after I take Shawn to dentist. And it’s a headache day. So I’m going slowly – in little bits here and there. 3 and 4 minutes at a time. Still doing it, though. Not giving up or giving in. I just know I can’t push too much and let my headache get too bad, since I have to go out for several hours and be the driver.

    This is a really cool idea, though – i can ‘see’ the stage in my mind now!!! 😀

  • The Mom

    Wow you guys… that’s so cool. 😀 And brave of you! Yikes! Best of luck on your NAMS challenge.

    Okay, does anybody else have trouble staying on the big floor ball when you do those side bendy things? I look like a goober rolling around, falling off… Actually, if I put my feet against the wall and bend my top leg like at a 90 degree angle I can stay on, but it’s just so darn goofy! 😛

    Also, the lower back stretch thing that you do laying on your stomach on the ball, then drawing your legs up parallel to the floor??? Don’t do that after you’ve eaten a big breakfast and drank a gallon of green tea and water. Not good. 😮

    Talk to all ya’ll (vernacular courtesy of living in the south for the last 7 years) later! 🙂

    • Kevin "Mr Ebay" Johnson

      Hey I had trouble staying on the ball too! I think my ball my need some more air.

      Scott, thanks for keeping the videos real! Love your little tyke calling you a name during the video (: That was very Funny!!!

      Kevin “Mr Ebay” Johnson

    • Arika

      Oh yes – I was rolling all over the place the first round. 😉 I told hubby if he’d have seen me he would have been rolling on the floor laughing at me!

      I love that I can laugh while I workout – even if it is at my own expense. Just another reason I love FLQ! 🙂

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Even Angie and I rolled around a bit in the beginning… especially with the side crunches and jackknife.

      With a little practice you will certainly master it and do it with ease.

      Kevin, that’s one thing that you can count on with me… keeping it real.

      I can’t tell you how many times my kids have said something embarrassing about me in a video… I never edit it out… it’s the real me 😉

      My son screamed out during one of my videos… “Dad, do you remember the time when you broke the toilet”…

      I didn’t really 😉 but it made me bust a gut.

      I sincerely enjoy connecting with my readers and members and it’s little things like that, that can make a difference and spark some fun conversation…

      And it’s one more thing that adds to the ‘fun’ element of working out… humor is great.

  • Tracy Roberts

    Oh Man!

    Ya’ll are doing a darned good job of getting the Fat Loss Quickie Fever out there –

    Nik, I’m thinking you just might be the Pied Piper of Computer Butts everywhere 😉

    Scott, What can I say but You Just ROCK! and I can’t wait to meet you in person at NAMS

    I’ll have to work up the courage to take a full body picture

    Thanks to you both for keeping our minds, hearts & bodies on our physical, mental & business health.

  • The Mom

    Hey there, Tracy!

    Yup, aren’t these two something? 😀

    The image of Computer Butts following Nicole as the Pied Piper is crackin’ me up! If anybody is familiar with the “Widettes” from Saturday Night Live… well, you’ve got the picture. We don’t look like that!!!??? eh?

    So, I just finished the cardio and I really like those “mountain climber” things. They are a really nice challenge, but I can actually do about 40 of them before I drop, so not too bad.

    Another benefit of doing these exercises at home is you can also get stuff done around the house at the same time… when we “walk it off” in-between, I walk over to the wash machine and take the clothes out, then next time, walk over and throw them in the dryer. Cool, eh?

    This could be a whole new series – Housework Quickie – what do ya think? 😉

  • Danielle

    Hi Gang!

    OK, yesterday ran 3 miles and worked biceps and shoulders (biceps cramped up so bad I was laughing as I was just about crying!)

    Today; 40 minutes on the arc trainer and ran intervals for 20 minutes; did legs: squats and walking lunges…holy moly I’m gonna feel those in 36 hours…ouch!

    Nik, let me know if anyone would like help with goal setting templates…maybe we can do a bonus podcast to go along with the challenge:-)

    I’d like to help any way I can!

  • Arika

    Ok today was AWESOME! I’m sore that’s for sure but I’m ok with that.

    I took my measurements yesterday and although I’m not sure about the full body before picture – yes I’m a chicken – since my goal physically is to have sexy mama abs, I’ll take a pic of my abs…maybe! LOL

  • Angela Wills

    I’ll take a full body pic and send it over to Scott. Maybe I’ll take one of me trying to fit into my jacket too and then I can wear it at NAMS for comparison as long as I make it there 🙂

  • Nicole

    Whew. I was behind, so I’ve done the Day 1 cardio and the Day 2 workout / resistance so far.

    Trying to get the gumption to do the day 2 cardio so I don’t roll it over.

    I looooove the workouts with the weights and the ball. But, man, I could put off the cardio forever. Can I do three of the workouts per day and skip the cardios? lol. I know… balance. 🙂

    ok. Off to unload the dishwasher to get my breathing back down to normal and then back for cardio round 2.

    The neighbor girl did say “Miss Nicole, you look a little skinnier” and I don’t think she wanted anything from me, so I think it might be working!

    And, when hubby snuck up behind me and grabbed my belly today I didn’t scream and smack him out of embarrassment, so that must mean something, too! lol.

    ((hugs)) and high fives to all!

    • Arika

      Givin’ you 2 high fives! I have to agree now the ball workouts are so much more fun!

      That cardio today kicked my tushie with those mountain climbers.

    • Nicole

      LOVE the invisible jumprope time.

      Getting used to the mountain climbers. NO shoulder pain any more. Just TIRED!

      Another one down! 🙂

      • Angela Wills

        I’ll be using an invisible jumprobe until I buy a new one, busted mine today, lol.

      • Arika

        Yep invisible jump rope here too! Zach came in while I was doing that one last night and looked at me like I was nuts! 😉 I told him what I was doing and he said – OOOOK…That’s cool mom.”

        Me: Care to join me?

        Zach: “Maybe next time!”

        Ah…gotta love the preteen years I guess. At least he came out of his room and acted interested hu? 😉

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      NICE!!! Love the comment from the neighbor kid. Halloween is coming… maybe they’re trying to get in your good books 🙂

      Really cool to hear your reaction when your hubby grabbed ya. That’s definitely something to celebrate.

      I loved my electronic invisible jump rope. Gave it away… now I need to get me one again. I love the timer and counter on it.

      Mountain Climbers are awesome! Yes it sure gives the arms and shoulders a great workout too. I have been using the Valslide for mountain climbers and I feel it a lot more and it’s less impact on my toes.

      Here’s a video of me using the Valslide…

      By the way… those are one of the prizes in the Home Office Fitness Transformation Contest!

  • Erica Cosminsky

    Hey Everyone,

    Today didn’t go as I planned. Our power was out at some point last night and my alarm didn’t go off. Riley was late for Mother’s Day Out and I had a 12:00 appt with my Copywriting Coach that I had to rush back and prepare for. 30 minute phone call turned into an hour and a half. Poor lady is homesick for the south and she gets a kick out of my accent.

    Got off just in time to run back and pick Riley up. Then had to run and pick up a few things at the store.

    So here it is 9:30 and I’m just now finishing my workout and my cardio. I did finally figure out how to do the side curls and now that I’ve got it I love the exercise. It may be my favorite. I fizzled on my cardio though. Only got 3 1/2 repeats in.

    Lisa was truly my motivation today. I got the update on my Blackberry while I was running to get Riley and I kept the thought in my head that if Lisa could push through while she wasn’t feeling great than I would make the time too.

    I’ll get a full body picture tomorrow.

  • Kevin "Mr Ebay" Johnson

    Hi gang!! Did my Quick work out and cardio this morning!!!! What a coinsidense I just had my son take a before picture of me yesterday!!! Just might have to send them to Scott!!! I really want to have abs like his in January!!!!

    Kevin “Mr Ebay” Johnson

    • Arika

      Ahhh another one after Sexy Abs!

      You going to NAMS Kevin? If so maybe we can talk Scott into creating a new graphic with your abs and mine this time! 😉 LOL

      • Kevin "Mr Ebay" Johnson

        Yes I will be at NAMS!!!! I was at the first two and will continue to make this a regular event. Great idea!! Scott are you LISTENING???

        Kevin “Mr Ebay” Johnson

        PS How do i get my picture and smiley faces in the reply.

  • Michelle Gustafson

    I did it! Signed up for fat loss quickie. I’m not looking to lose much weight, just really tone up my thighs, hips and tummy.

    Now to see if I can get brave enough to have a “before” picture taken, LOL.

    Looking forward to having others involved to keep me on task.


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