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Day 14: Quick Home Workouts to Increase Productivity

Today is Day 14 of the Lose your Computer Butt Challenge. (<– If you’re new here, check it out. We’ll be repeating the same exercises every week for this entire month, so you can jump right in any time.)

Scott created another powerful video just for us. I considered saving it for Motivational Monday, but decided that it was a perfect post to ponder on a Sunday.

Relax and enjoy this new video from Scott. I guarantee it'll make you count your blessings and rethink your self-induced limits. It did for me.

Powerful & Inspiring – just like our Scott!


Please post your updates below so we can cheer you on OR give you some tough love, if necessary. 🙂

If you’re reading this and would like to do the Fat Loss Quickie program, join us by clicking on this graphic. It’s only $20 and you’ll have access to your quickie workouts, a personal trainer who you can ask questions here, plus my awesome community of kick-butt marketers sweating with you and cheering you on.

Let’s find 10 minutes every day to get healthier so we can enjoy the LIFESTYLE that we’re working towards.

((hugs)) to all.

PS. If you haven’t listened to my interview with Scott Tousignant yet, it is posted here: How to Achieve Success in your Online Business

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  • Angela Wills

    Awww! That was very inspiring and motivating.

    I appreciate your friendship Scott and Nicole and all of Team Computer Butt. I really feel like this whole challenge is going to be life changing for me and I can’t thank you both enough! Nicole for doing this challenge and you Scott for creating the program.

    Angela 😉

  • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

    OK, gang… limiting beliefs have come up a few times already, so I would like to share the best audio that I’ve ever heard when it comes to conquering your limiting beliefs.

    Take a listen to this…
    Conquering your Limiting Beliefs Audio

    It’s only 18 minutes and it will have a huge impact on your life. Download it, listen to it over and over again, take notes, apply the amazing strategies that are shared.

    Do it NOW!

  • Erica Cosminsky

    Well, I have more good news. Since Nicole asked us to start over with out Monday workouts tomorrow, I thought I would take an easy day today since I was on the Wednesday workout. I completely and totally cannot do the lunges. I decided to do the alternate leg workout today with the Ball Situps thrown in. Jonathan was coming in the front door when I was finishing up. (My office is the living room so the door opens into my office.) As I went to stand up my knee popped really hard and I ended up in the floor because my knee gave out. Jonathan came scrambling around my L shaped desk because he actually thought I had passed out.

    Yes, stick with me- this is good news. I have had a problem with fluid building outside my knee cap. That’s why my knee locks, the fluid traps my knee cap in the wrong place.

    When my knee popped all the fluid moved back into my knee. I have had 4 procedures to remove this fluid in the past 3 years. And today you can barely tell there was anything wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, when this first happened it hurt (really bad!) But my doctors have told me several times, there is nothing they can do about it but do this horrible procedure and give me shots to inject synthetic fluid into the correct place in my knee. Now, I can only hope it won’t come back but all day today my knee has felt better than it has in years.

    Hope you all had a great weekend and I’m excited to be getting on schedule with everyone else.

    • Arika


      That IS GREAT news! 🙂 I’m so happy to see you feeling better and I loved hearing Scott talk about you beating your limitations.

      Limitations – What limitations?! 🙂

      Keep it up girl!

  • Arika

    VERY inspiring video – Thanks Scott for doing it. It really does make you think twice about excuses for not getting healthy!

    btw…YOU Rock Scott – no matter how many times you tell us WE rock – YOU my friend, ROCK MORE! 🙂

    Very happy to get on schedule with everyone today. I have my ball now too so I get to do both exercises now. 😉

    Let’s Get This!!!

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    You guys are amazing. Simply amazing. I’m in tears as I write this. I’ve just felt so beaten down by these migraines…it’s put such a damper on my life. I have to cancel things all the time – or stay home when the family goes out to do the thing we were all supposed to do together – band things, family get togethers, etc I’ve had them for years, but, for some reason, they’ve been relentless since last Christmas.

    But I am NOT going to let them run my life. They are NOT going to be in charge anymore. Period.

    Just like Erica makes substitutions, I can do the same – on days when it feels like a headache is coming on – if the exercises are too ‘bouncy’ – I will do some modification that doesn’t bounce like that. (One day I was doing jumping jacks – 20 ever hour – and that was a big mistake.)

    I am going to do this.

    I am going to do this.

    Last week, when Lynn interviewed Andy Jenkins – someone shared this quote with us –

    “I am in charge of my life.”

    I don’t know who/where it’s from, but, she says that she says it every day. It has been on my mind since then. I love it.

    Thank you, Erica, Scott, Nicole and the two guys that Scott spoke about – for helping me to see that even if migraines stay with me ALL. MY. LIFE. – that doesn’t mean they have to RUN MY LIFE.

    Not gonna let it happen. Not today.

    • Erica Cosminsky

      I have a question. Have you ever been tested for food allergies?

      My mom used to have terrible migraines. Her neurologist actually thought she had an aneurysm because she was having them so often and so intensely. It turned out that she is allergic to wheat and malt. After we started tracking what caused her migraines we noticed one of the things was soft serve ice cream. None of us realized that soft serve has malt in it.

      Just thought I would share that. I hate to see you in pain. 🙁

      • Lisa Marie Mary

        Erica – No, I haven’t been tested for allergies. That is an interesting tidbit though, for sure. I’ve never heard of allergies having an effect on migraines.

        I don’t have insurance, though, so I wouldn’t be able to really medically investigate it right now. Bummer.

        That is weird that there’s malt in soft serve.

        I do go back to my doc’s in Oct – so maybe I could talk to him about them then. We did talk about them last year and we worked out a plan for me to deal with them then, but, it seems they’ve worsened since then. So I will definitely bring it up with him.

        I wonder if there’s some investigating I could do on my own and then just – trial and error – cut out foods. I also wonder – if they’re genetic, could they also be caused by a food allergy. I may just have the genetic thing and it is what it is. I’m definitely going to look into this. Thanks for sharing it with me.

        • Erica Cosminsky

          Hey Lisa,
          I called my mom to get some more information for you.
          My mom is allergic to everything. She said Wheat, Lettuce (argula of all kinds), and lunch meat were what caused her migraines. The lunch meat causes the migraine because of all of the nitrites is in. Apparently and I didn’t know this until tonight. The nitrites were what caused my migraines when I was younger.
          She said that her doctor told her to stop eating everything that she was allergic to and slowly add it back in to see how much she could handle and what it did. Instead, she ate salmon everyday because she knew she was allergic to it but didn’t know what it was doing to her. We found out that it was giving her a poison ivy like rash on her hands and arms that way. She said that she does not suggest that method.
          The other way to test is to stop eating one item and see if you feel better. You have to stop eating it for about a week and then gradually add it back in.
          Migraines can be genetic. My grandmother, my mom, my brother and I all have migraines but the triggers are what make them so bad. I am anaphylactically allergic to honey and if I come into the same house with something like a honey ham baking, my throat swells up and I pass out. When they revive me I always have a migraine.
          My brothers are triggered by lawn chemicals. Like whatever weed killer and stuff TruGreen ChemLawn uses gives him migraines.
          I hope all this helps.

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