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Blog Stats and Page Rank on Blogger

Here's a question I just received:

“I have a question for you regarding blogs. Is there a way you can see how many people are visiting your blog? Is there a way to see your PR with Google?”

I'm assuming this person is asking specifically about blogs created with Blogger since that is what hers is on.

So, question #1 – Yes. You can see your blog stats – even when you're on There is a free program called that is super-easy to use. Just sign up and get the code and stick it into your Blogger template.

And, question #2 – I use which is another free tool, to check my incoming links and my google page rank on my sites. It works on your blogger blogs as well.

I hope that helps!

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kai

    You can also use another free (basic) service called feedburner – I’m releasing a review ebook (free) on it, but its a really good service and breaks down your subscribers, and if you set it up right (and pay the monthly subscription I believe (which is stupidly low anyway – and nope, I don’t get paid for reccomending them), your views, how they are finding you etc. Its another one that’s super easy to use, plus is really quite funky 🙂

    AND if that wasn’t enough, you can also manage setting up subscriptions though that too 🙂

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