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Getting Tough with WAHMs

My good friend, Kelly McCausey, wrote an excellent report that you can pick up here for free —
Tough Business Advice

Basically, the concept is that many work at home moms are spinning their wheels, and taking advice from other work at home moms who aren't making any money…. The Blind leading the Blind.

This is fine for support and encouragement, but, if you want to actually get past the hobby stage of your business and start making good money, then you'll want to have a mentor or a group of Mentors, like I have, at Mom Mastermind. But, this isn't an ad for them, although I'd love to see more moms join. 😉

Many work at home moms are running a ‘hobby' business as something to do for fun. And, that's great. BUT.. where I worry is when you NEED to make money in order to stay home and you still have that hobby mindset.

Take a look at the report and please post your comments below. Yes, it's a bit harsh, but I feel it has very good information in it.

Let me know your thoughts,

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kai

    You know who REALLY worry me – the women who aren’t WAHMS trying to give WAHMS advice – there’s a couple of really nasty pieces of work out there, that prey on WAHMS because some of them don’t know better. Them and women who wander around brandishing ‘guru’ like it was worth telling everyone and anyone in the street.

    *sigh* – its a great report, and a good read, but I really think that WAHMS shouldn’t NEED a report to tell them that – they need someone intelligent and capable to sit them down and expose the stupidity. I tried it about a year ago (I’m not intelligent and capable – just boerd and fed up of cleaning up messes) and no one paid any attention. Hopefully, Kelly will get a better response.
    I’ll probably blog about this myself later, once I stop giggling at the bit that gets ME labelled a bad source 😉

  • Sue Seward

    Not a hobby for this gal! I’m earning MORE than my husband does now!

    Pretty good for a little ole mommy who started with no money, no experience, no degrees, no corporate background, no contacts and NO confidence!!! My husband has all of these attributes and has
    been in his profession for over 35 years and in his job for over 10!

    Ten years ago I couldn’t even drive up to Houston an hour away by myself! I had no confidence at all. Now I fly all over the place and know that I can make it on my own IF I had to!

    Ten years ago I knew nothing about business and now I run a million dollar a year enterprise out of my home office.

    Ten years ago I had no writing experience. Now I’m a published author of numerous articles online and in magazines and co-author of a book!

    Ten years ago I had no speaking experience. Now I’ve been a guest on numerous radio shows, interviews, training conferences and spoke
    to over 4,000 people at a company convention!

    I’ve built a solid career in Network Marketing, built myself personally, branded myself online and have a very profitable business all from
    home using the Internet and telephone!

    It can also be FUN when you know how and are
    willing to do what it takes. I did it so
    anyone can!

    All the best,
    Sue Seward

  • Jenn Brockman

    While there are some good points and several that I don’t agree with here, I was really dissapointed that it was all a great big lure to get the reader to buy services.
    If you aren’t sure what I disagree with in the article, feel free to ask me why.
    Jenn Beauty the way nature intended.

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