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Holy Cannoli: Biggest Internet Marketing PLR Package Ever

Before we all run off to our weekend plans, I had to tell you about this. It's the craziest PLR package I think I've seen yet.  And, it's only around for a few days.

My friend, Melissa, just lost her mind. She sells Internet Marketing/Online Business PLR reports and has put together a humongous package for a steal of a price.

I'm talking 48 reports, email messages, blog posts, videos… just look at this thing!

If you use *any* marketing or online business PLR, this is freakishly good deal.

And, I'm seriously not blowing hype. Just look at this and decide for yourself.

You'll get EVERYTHING below.

Part 1: One year's membership to the Special Report Club

Every month for an entire year, you'll get all of the following:

– 30 Page report
– A related 10 Page report
– Sales Letter for the report
– Squeeze Page
– 5 Autoresponder messages
– Blog posts
– and more

Part one ALONE is worth the price. Heck that's 24 reports right there.

Check out the details here.

But wait! There's more…

Part 2: Six More Report Packages

6 Additional Packages identical to Part One, including everything listed above.

Part two ALONE is worth the price. That's 12 more reports since you get 2 per package. (If you're counting, that's 36 reports, so far.)
Click here to grab this PLR.

And it keeps going…

Part 3: 48 Additional Prewritten Email Messages (and 10 more reports)

– 3 emails per month for an entire year. (36 total)
– 12 short reports to send to your lists (one per month plus 12 more emails sent over the year)

Part three ALONE is worth the price. (And, we're up to 48 reports.)

Check out the details here.

But you'll also get…

Part 4: Three PLR Video Packages


Part 5: 10 WordPress Themes

If you're keeping track, that's enough “stuff” to start your Internet Marketing business or really ramp it up a notch.

There's nothing missing.

Grab it here if you can use it before she pulls it down. It's only going to be there for a very short time.

Check out the details here.

UPDATE: SOLD OUT – but you can still find Internet Marketing PLR at:

Have a great weekend!
Nicole Dean

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